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Alias: none
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Investigative
  • Night

An Oracle is a player who can ask the moderator about general information regarding the setup.

Of course, this role has obvious potential to be overpowered if not restricted. Some common restrictions include:

  • The information given can only be that which the moderator would have known before assigning alignments to players (so "who are the scum" would become unanswerable).
  • The moderator's response can only be two words long at most.

Oracle can be of any alignment, but is usually pro-Town. It is not generally seen outside role madness.

Use and Power

Oracle can range from a reasonably useful informative role for breaking falseclaims and giving the Oracle a reading on the game state to being a game-breaker. It should be balanced according to the most damaging results it could possibly receive. (Note that no matter how good a fakeclaim is, an Oracle is likely to be able to disprove it, and a carefully-worded question can often check multiple claims at once; it is thus very rare for a Town-aligned Oracle to fail to catch at least one scum.)