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This is the main page for all templates used on the MafiaWiki. If you've made a template please categorise it here using the Templates sorting template.

The following templates should use the boilerplate for templates.


This category has the following sub-categories:

  • Sub Templates: All templates that their only purpose is being a part of another template go here.
  • Utility Templates: All templates that aid any function or make it easier go here. Infoboxes aren't included.
  • Other Templates: Any other templates that don't fit in the other categories go here.


What is a template?

A template is a page which can be included within another page, this allows pieces of text or tables to be easily used multiple times without copying or pasting. However they can also be used to perform many other functions, for more info see; Wikipedia.

How do I categorise my template?

See; Template Sorting. All information can be found there.

Pages in category "Templates"

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