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So I'm Gammagooey, came here from Epicmafia around October 2009 and prefer faster games with close to real-time talking with other players because of it. I occassionally skim through completed theme games just to see the cool roles and flavor that other people have thought up and how it turned out. Best accomplishment here so far is probably my scumteam in Pledge of Allegiance winning the best scumteam of 2010 scummy. Also won the Best Town Group Scummy for the The Reckoning III Invitational game in 2014!

I reserve all rights to be a lazy piece of garbage and not edit this until months after relevant games are actually finished. I've been on-site for a decade now adjust your expectations a bit (or edit this for me if you feel like it).

Games I've completed:
Game Alignment Role Result Notes
Mini 873 Mafia Mafia Goon Win My first game- Zito winds up bussing our godfather when he doesn't show up after replacing in, and the cop gets outed the next day with a known doc still around. I got caught by the cop after a miselim d2, and Papa Zito pulled it off alone for the last two days. I personally wanted to wait a day before bussing Socio, but it worked out and much props to Zito for winning the game for us.
Mafia Reverberation Town Tarhalindur, Garo Master Over Mafia Win This was pretty damn fun- it had Percy's multi-elim mechanic where the number of votes required to elim drops every few days, allowing more than one person to die during the day if they're all at L-1 when the number to elim drops. I replaced into a scummy lurker slot (zoaster) d1, and nailed Rhino-scum with my first posts in game. He wound up getting elimed d1 with Sotty-vig and Serial-VT(who was power-elimed by VPB's double vote). Mighty Orbots was vigged by Sotty in twilight and turned up scum, and while I tunneled on VPB the next day I came under suspicion for not wanting MO dead the day before. Eventually Jazzmyn, the final scum was forced to claim late d2 and messed up her claim, leading to her immediate elim and a day 2 town win!
Star Control:Alliance Initiative Town Bardat, Thraddash Win Probably my best game on this site for a few years- I tunneled on one of the scum from his first few posts of the game, got him elim'd d2 and never let up on another scum the day after, leading to two scum elims by the end of d3. It turned out that the first guy I went after was essentially a traitor, and the rest of his team got screwed by one defending him when they thought he was just a lurker-town, but I'm still damn proud of how I played this game.
Pledge of Allegiance Mafia Tarhalindur, ♥♪!? over Mafia Win So this was pretty hilarious from my POV- everyone picked their alignment (Town, mafia, or other) and we wound up with: 11 town, 5 mafia, and 8 3rd parties including one SK. We coasted through the first 2 days on looking town, and Zorblag turned out to be a sniper who helped us out immensely by mowing down other 3rd parties to get himself a quick win. DGB helped me set up an awesome PGO claim so I could make the kill each night, and although she and Chronopie (our rolecop) got caught by role info d3 and 4, we got charter miselimed by setting him up against the SK and got THE BEST SCUMTEAM SCUMMY FOR 2010. WOOOOOO.
Mafia at the 11th Hour Town Tarhalindur, Robot Unicorn over Mafia Loss So after helping to elim scum day 1, i got nightkilled, only to find that my role allowed all the dead townies to talk to each other and vote during MYLO. Unfortunately, all of the townies appeared to get tired of trying midway through d2, leading to apathy-based bad elims. Once MYLO hit all the dead showed we were around with our votes and then promptly got ignored as they no elim'd the day away. And then we lost the next day.

Not a great game but the quicktopic with Vi and the other dead townies was pretty fun.

POWERFUL WIZARD MAFIA Town Evoker Loss Eh...I played okay here with the gigantic exception of my townread on Parama, which I went on about for pretty much the entire game and it wound up screwing over the town when he turned out to be scum. I was a "vig" this game but it only worked if someone worshipped Evocation, which never happened until late-game when Parama made the person I targeted nightkill-immune, so I never got to actually kill anyone. I could have definitely played better but it was a fun game and Parama was pretty fantastic throughout it, and definitely earned his win.
Open 233 - Ninja Mafia Boogaloo Mafia Goon Win A bit of an odd setup, it wound up being 3 goons and a useless mafia ninja against a bunch of townies aided by one cop. The cop claimed d2 with a guilty on a partner and we promptly killed him, and despite our ninja getting modkilled for inactivity I pretty much coasted to endgame with pro-town play and bussing my last partner in 5-way LYLO. Papa Zito gets a big thumbs up for the awesome flavor in the game, and I highly reccomend reading through the elim scenes if you don't have anything better to do for 15 minutes or so.
Mafia On Holy Orders Town Seraph Loss Despite the loss I think my play was very strong here- I replaced d4 into a role that couldn't speak, and instead was able to give power roles to other players in the game. I sent around a dozen (literal) smoke signals to the town pointing at one of the scum who made a fakeclaim, gave a doc out after confirming someone as town and directed him through more signals to a successful save on the vig I gave out, who killed more scum than the rest of the game was able to elim through votes. A fun game but scum deserved the win for town's poor elims.
Objection Redux Mafia Goon Win Started out thinking that it was going to be an incredibly difficult game given the amount of good players in it... and then it just wasn't. Fate-town went crazy on VV-town for all of d1 and basically made him crack under pressure, and while Rhino-scum was vigged n1 he had distanced from UK quite well, helping her to survive until d4 when I bussed her, letting me basically coast to victory by voting out DT for his fakeclaim of beloved princess and vezok for playing really, really terrible. The game was very largely decided by vezok's scummy play and Elli's complete failure to show up day 3, and was a lot less fun than I was expecting at the beginning of the game because of it. =/
Mafia Holographica Town Shooting-dude Loss I played terribly, almost everyone else played terribly, and mafia won because of it. NOTHING ELSE TO SEE HERE.
Mafia MetaMafia Town High Priest of Yosarian2 Loss After a d1 modkill on town, we elim'd one scum and vigged two more n2, when i got maf-killed. From there the incredibly townie Faraday and the townish Parama coasted until Parama fucked up his claim, lived an extra day because the Fate+Katsuki hydra screwed up his claim earlier, and then got elim'd in 5-player LYLO. But Faraday got ability-confirmed by a mod-error that day so Plum-vig shot Seraphim instead of him and we lost. Stupid Sexy Faraday.
Dynasty Warriors Mafia Town Xiahou Dun Loss I got one of the most powerful roles in the game- a roleblocker who could also essentially get a 2nd day elim by being the first to start a duel in any game day. I wound up only getting to use the double duel twice due to scum initiating duels early, and both of the double duels I started were on town. It certainly wasn't my best game but I don't think I played REALLY terrible and was pretty good with my actual votes and roleblocks, just not my targets for duels-I attempted to block 3/4 scum in the 4 days of the game and would have even stopped a kill except one scum could redirect actions away from himself and kill in the same night.
Defcon 3.0 Mafia Mafia Aircraft Carrier Loss First scum loss-I waffled around the day 2 AV wagon and got nuked by a scumbuddy day 3. He almost pulled off a victory despite him having lost most of his town credz and getting nuked on the final day due to a defensive mode silo and two tunneling townies but tried to fake a nuke to be more convincing and got modkilled for it. Much more importantly, there were PARTIES in this game. Parties are always worthwhile.
Mafia Invictus Town Invictus Loss Town played poorly with a d1 quickelim, a tracker that got elim'd d2 for quickhammering the day before, and some hardcore lurking from a few players. Scum won handily despite the mechanic meaning that any person they killed got a vengekill. Scum did play very well though.
My Little Pony Mafia Town Granny Smith Win I was super town d1 and got nightkilled for it despite most of my reads being off. But that protected the 2 masons and friendly neighborizer we got for another day so I'm pretty happy with that. And I finally won another town game wooooo
Mystery box mafia Mafia Two-shot Roleblocker Win Replaced in for a powerlurker with 1 total post on d3, he was scum, looked town for most of the game and won a drawn-out LYLO. Wasn't a particularly fun game and I did a few dumb things like leave the investigative role alive for too long. A wins a win I guess though.
Scummies Winvitational Town Doctor Loss This game. eaten by the crash.
Mafia Behind the Maiden Town Some thief chick Loss This game had some cool mechanics (town was way overpowered if the game was played normally, but lost the game to mafia if 5 specific town players were all dead and unknowingly lost to 3rd party if they took too long in real-life time) that were rendered pretty moot by a 3-person modkill because of mod oversight that killed one of the 5 players mafia needed dead to win, and then had town trying to elim the last scum out of 12 players before losing the game by either them killing the last town-needs-this-role-alive-to-win (which is what actually happened, gg to LLD for looking town enough with her fakeclaim and finding the last person) or losing the game to the dead 3rd party role because time expired (at least this didn't happen I guess). So yeah, not great. Uberninja being one of those 5 important roles and getting himself voted out almost solely by being an arrogant moron and refusing to fullclaim what his night actions were was miserable too.
Scummer of Love invitational Town Mina the asthmatic pig Win Town was pretty mediocre as a whole (largely because of several players having egos the size of planets with nothing backing that up) except Axxle, a delayed vig, who shot 2 scum while a fourth+ of the game was trying to vote him out through day 2 and 3. I had pretty much no confidence in my reads this game, but wound up trying to start or push wagons on 2 scum + a traitor by the end of day 2 and got nightkilled for it, so I guess I was fine? Axxle MVP by a million miles though.
(Re)Reckoning Invitational Town Retroactive Watcher Win Grimmjow was obvious scum, a townie not paying attention to game mechanics kills themselves instead of helping to elim them, and then the last scum hindu scumclaims in LYLO. Silly gaaaame.
Abarat, Nights of War mafia Town Samuel Hastrim Klepp the Fifth Win Town did great early on, endgame wound up being super weird with the SK being able to autowin at 3 players and then ended in a modkill b/c the last regular scum scumclaimed to prevent the SK from winning. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As it's a hitogoroshi-modded game I highly recommend taking a look at the flavor and roles, they're top-notch.
Shut Up and Jam mafia Mafia Michael Jordan Win Narrowly avoided the vote day 1 but then got shot by Vi the dayvig anyway. I was fairly convincing at bussing my partner MattP before that happened though so that plus his excellent play got us a win eventually.
Mafia in La-la land Mafia Goon Win got vigged, took over modding after the mod+backup mod disappeared, scumbuddies DeasVail and Nachomamma came through to win gamez for me.
The Reckoning II: Invitational Town Dance Challenger Loss Very lurky game but town actually did really well, voting out all 3 scum in the first 3 days! (though Fate-scum was one-shot self-governor before D4 and was voted out D2, so he required an additional day to get rid of on D4) Unfortunately for us, there was still a Serial Killer of Nuwen who played well enough day 1 that I dance battle'd with her and gave her a(nother) 1-shot bulletproof. And then she smashed through what was left of the town after 4 days of voting out scum. Oops. GG to Nuwen though, her play was fantastic!
POWERFUL WIZARDS (the 2nd) Town VT Loss Porkens if you read this I'm sorry for being bad this game. Weird setup, good flavor.
HunterxHunter Mafia ??? Loss I got voted out D1 because I was playing weird and Vi was town against me and had seen me play a lot before and knew it was way off. The rest of my scumteam got pretty stomped in the proceeding days but I didn't pay too much attention after I died.
Balto Meet Invitational Town 1-shot Commuter Loss I don't think I was good this game and then I died n2 anyway because I looked town. I think Fate was good this game and got shot by CES being really paranoid as a vig anyway? I remember almost nothing from this game so shrug city I guess.
Reckoning III Invitational Town Confusion over Cop Results (3-shot Thumbs-up/Thumbs-down Cop) Win We got the town best performance scummy for this game! We voted out 4 scum back to back, the first for being lurky obvscum, the next for being lurky and having a bad claim, the 3rd for...I don't really remember but Reck wanted Pie dead pretty bad and he didn't look particularly town and enough other people did, and the last largely because I had 3 cop results with all thumbs-up (I knew one of thumbs-up/thumbs-down was a guilty result but not which one) and they were on two of the three people that looked scummy enough to vote out on the last day and a basically confirmed town, so eliming the last scummy player won the game for town!
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban Mafia Minister Loss I had a role that allowed me to direct our traitors treestump kill, but he and then both of my regular scumbuddies got voted out D2-D4, mostly for not actually showing up to play the game. I hung around until a town replacement got the game going again on D8.
Drawn on Arrival (as Reina) Town Scooby Doo (Silent Mason Compulsive-Hider) Win Another really good game by town, we elim'd 3 scum in 3 days with another being killed by a backup serial killer (the regular SK killed themselves on a PGO N1), I died hiding behind a survivor, and then the rest of the town elim'd the last scum the next day, then Boonskiies for being Boonskiies (he didn't play particularly badly though imo), and got an incriminating result on the backup SK D6 to win! also the survivor (4nxi3ty) I killed myself by hiding behind managed to live since he claimed when it became obvious I hid behind him and he won too.
999 Mafia Town VT Win I am more proud of my play this game than any other game on-site. I replaced in mid-D2 and didn't do a ton while rereading and got scumread by most of the game for it, but after town voted out the first scum (without my help tbf) I spent the rest of the game putting every bit of my soul into the game and eventually dragging the rest of the town (and I do mean dragging, it was a 90ish page MICRO game) through relentless godamn effort into voting out the other scum D3 and the serial killer D4 (after a town modkill the same day) despite being at L-1 at least once a day during D2 through D4.
Persona 3 FES Mafia Town FBI Agent Loss A loss, but one I can at least be satisfied with my play in. town-Nexus got elim'd day 1 by a pretty apathetic town (including myself), and after a lot of effort on my part day 2 I got FakeGod to stop tunneling on dramonic by repeatedly pointing out that kelbris's play didn't really make sense as town until kelbris fakeclaimed and was elim'd. I died the night after, and day 3 brought good and bad news - the good was that the gunsmith had caught a scum night 2 and got them voted out! The bad was that he had investigated the final scum as innocent night 1 (they were a doctor and thus came up as inno to gunsmith), and the town quick-elim'd themselves to death from day 4 to day 6, not paying enough attention for anyone except dramonic to notice that the last scum accidentally claimed the same character that kelbris had claimed earlier in the game. Ohhh well.
Butcher, Baker, Pastry-Maker Mafia Town VT Loss I think I was pretty mediocre or just bad in this game? I'm adding this commentary 5 years after the fact, but it looks like I went along with Reck too much in the beginning, helped to vote out Seraphim day 4, and just pushed on a town uber-lurker until I died night five. The setup was neat with everyone except the SK being a pastry that could had toppings or fillings added to them to give bonus powers or penalties, but 3 town PRs died by the end of night 1, and the SK was fairly OP being immune to all mafia night actions, the mafia kill, and was a tracker. The mafia played pretty well until the tracker SK outed Reck as scum day 3, and I'd say either of the SK or the mafia would have deserved this win based on play, but the SK came out on top since there was really no way for the mafia to push against the SK who was continually coming out with real tracking results.
Signs & Void (TM2015) Town Cenna Marigold Win A rough start to a long game that turned around hard after singersigner shot Titus-scum in Major Night 2 and the rest of the scumteam were caught shortly after mostly on associations and enough of the rest of the game looking town. The mechanics of the game were pretty complex and the setup and flavor is definitely worth a look - hitogoroshi doesn't mod often anymore but he's one of the best on-site and this is my favorite of the games that he's run.
Kids TV Show Characters Mafia Mafia 1-shot Encryptor Loss Replaced in, my play was mediocre and I couldn't get one scumbuddy (Aristophanes) to stop lurking to literally save his life, then I got bussed by my other scumbuddy (Firebringer) and he almost made it all the way for a win - good PR play by MoI (Non-Consecutive Targeting Commuter, who could target himself) and Transcend (the vig) hurt a ton when we failed our kills on nights 2 & 3.
Fire Emblem:Heroes Mafia Robin Win Played well with my scum partner Boonskies and arranged a joint win with the last member of the other scumteam after getting a few miselims! The gacha-role system was pretty neat too, I only got to let everyone in-game talk during night 2 with my role though.
Product Placement Mafia Town Rival Suicide Bomber Loss If you sign up for a game PLAY THE GAME c'mon now. Day 1 was miserable because the entire scumteam and several townies didn't bother playing, then LLD replaced into a scum-slot and started powerbussing her team since she had a VERY powerful scum role. All of the scum except LLD were dead by the end of day 4, but the main power for town was in Firebringer's role which wasn't explained well by the mod or understood by Firebringer, so it was largely unused and LLD's bussing paid off for her in a scum win. Props to LLD for her play and Reck for saving me as town 3-shot doc, no props for the townies that didn't bother playing the game and/or no elim'd with a confirmed town in MYLO to let LLD win with a delayed vig shot instead of forcing a final incorrect vote.
Transformers Mafia Town Megatron Loss Another duel game like Dynasty Warriors Mafia that the town largely threw away themselves - I shot one scum from both different factions but personally played quite badly in late-game, and nobody could stop dueling each other instantaneously to literally save their lives. It was pretty fun at least though!
Echo Bay Grits SEO Serial Killer Serial Killer Loss A fun everyone-gets-a-daykill game, and I Alllmost won this 41 player game as a 1-shot bulletproof 2-shot strongman Serial Killer! Woke up about 15 minutes too late and got shot by town (revealing I was 1-shot bulletproof and hadn't claimed it) on the final day, and immediately shot back in the hopes they were mafia when I was originally planning on shooting Davsto the likely (and actually) mafia traitor instead. GG to him and light_ganski (the two remaining living scum) for their win!
TAZ Mafia: Murder on the Rockport Limited Mafia 1-shot Dayvig Win My scumteam (the normally excellent Northsidegal and Porkens) lurked very hard through the game - my position was sketchy at the end of day 1 and I claimed to be a regular vig, then hammered a mason and shot a 1-shot roleblocker (Varsoon) at the start of the next day who was hinting that he had blocked my scumpartner that did our nightkill. I was immediately run up, but I had been bussing Porkens all of day 1 and NSG and him managed to pull out the game from there! (With some assistance from a very irritated town player on the final day)
Gay Mafia IV (TM2020) Town Bob Iger Win Another long Team Mafia game with some fantastic teammates backing me up! My team was myself, hitogoroshi, KittyMo, and Plum at the start, with Plum getting overwhelmed by the length and toxicity of her game pretty early on and being replaced by shos. I eventually became a two-shot bulletproof after both of the other two CEO neighborhood players (a survivor and a mafia) were voted out, and similar to Team Mafia 2015 most of the scumteam went down after their first member was shot later into the game - kuribo played a strong game to be the last scum standing and was eventually voted out with 5 players left. Town was a bit of a mess for a large portion of the early game (though Flavor Leaf's early scumplay, the day 1 modkill on town, and the sheer length of the game certainly didn't help us out) but I think we did pretty well to come together after FL's death and figure out enough of the game together to win it.
Twice Baked Wrestling (as Reina) Town Mason Loss If you join a game PLAY THE DAMN GAME. I claimed mason day 1, and used the vig mechanic to help kill a scum while dying night 1 because the doctor was paying so little attention to the game that they didn't bother protecting me. UT also revealed himself as an innocent child day 2, and also died because the doctor was paying so little attention to the game. The cop ALSO only submitted a single night action in the 3 nights they were alive. This was a great setup from The Baker and I'm very disappointed that the majority of the game and the town's most important power roles didn't put in the effort to play it. At least all three 3rd parties won (along with the mafia), they deserved the win more than the town or mafia did.
The World of Tomorrow Mafia Strongman Loss I got to play with VP Baltar again! Though sadly we were both scum and my play wasn't great :( I was a little too lurky day 1 and got investigated by both a tracker and a traffic Analyst night 1, with the tracker not having to claim. VPB rocked this game but the tracker surviving until night 5 (after VPB and I's other scumpartner was executed Day 4) just ruled out too many people as scum for VPB to pull it through. On the bright side, the playerlist was better than I expected for a normal game and CantLynchAPuppy and Blair were both excellent invitations for Mafia of Revelations afterwards!
Mafia of Revelations Town Tracker Win There were SIX trackers in this game and they kind of didn't work due to the Tarhalindur role, which also prevented the mafia from choosing their nightkills. Town played VERY well (ABR basically ran up two scum wagons simultaneously day 1 and town executed one before I replaced in night 1), and I got a 'guilty' on the final mafia (poor VPB getting another scum role PM) claiming to track but actually being blocked from doing the kill by the mod and visiting no-one, and then I got v. unnecessarily mad at the mod for refusing to answer whether it was possible that there were lies in my role PM. The playerlist was fantastic, as it was a 2008-2010 invitational for the most part with a bunch of oldies I love playing with, but I might be done with setups that have this much potential for weirdness for a long while, I just get too frustrated dealing with wacky bullshit & the speculation that goes with it.
Slaughter Hour: The Grand Debut! Town Contestant Loss Excellent game in terms of mechanics/flavor, exhausting in terms of toxicity/NOISE. Had good reads early but didn't figure out the last scum until late, then got elim'd in LYLO because I couldn't deal with the spamfest the game had become in the event prior. Sometimes its fun if everyone gets to play the game instead of half the game being drowned out by pages and pages of posting that make it impossible for people to want to reread. Even the dead thread went mad, though their madness looked a lot more entertaining than ours in-game.
Mafia Invictus Redux Mafia 2-shot Roleblocker Win Hell yes finally winning DESPITE the setup leaning hard against me instead of faltering and failing because of it! fireisredsir deserves most of the credit for pulling off a 100+ page Neighbor topic and ultimately carrying us to victory, but Dunn fire & I all made it RIGHT up until the invictus shots could win us the game before the town slammed Dunn, then me out of the game with them after town getting voted out both days before. Also we won a SCUMMY for this game hell yeah.

Games I haven't bothered adding descriptions to yet: Gay Mafia II, Clue Master Detectives II, Freedom's Call

Marathon Games:

Win in Closed Notfia setup modded by Sykedoc over the server move, Vanilla Townie

Win in Closed 7 player inadvertent mountainous modded by Sykedoc over the server move, Town Miller

Loss in DEAR GOD WHY Mafia(8 town,2sk, ALL ARSONISTS), Death Arsonist (SK)

Loss in Kingmaker IV, Peasant turned Kingmaker d2.

Win in Kingmaker V, Peasant.

Loss in Mr Rogers Mafia, Vanilla Townie (that guessed all the scum the instant he died night 1 >.>)

Win in Jahudo Bastard 3, Inception Dreamcatcher (mafia rolecop), is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS to read. Loss in Marathon of Thrills, 1-shot Publishing Cop, (4 town 2 maf 6 third party setup >.>)

Loss in LLD's Bastard iPick, Gammagooey the Associative Party Cop (lost to vote-stealing SK)

Wins in Vengeful as Godfather, Fistful of Vengeful as Godfather again, Scumhunters 8p as townie who calls the scumteam page 3, and UDRINK as kraken rum (this game was hilariously..something. fun! that's it.)