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xRECKONERx. Learn about xRECKONERx here, on his GTKAS page.

Attended the Caffwagon meet-up in New Jersey in Aug 2010, and also Balto the Meet in Baltimore, MD in May 2013.

He was awarded the title of GD is my Wingman after Guys, Pt. 2 became popular. After getting married to Grimmjow on October 14th, 2014, the community changed his title to GD is my Best Man.

Hosted three "Reckoning" meetups in Raleigh, NC from 2012-2014. Also hosted two "SurvivorMeet" meetups in 2016 and 2018.
Founding member of the NC Scummer Commune, host of Mashups and Mafia, and helped create the official MS cards.

Win Record

Win Loss Draw % Faction
74 55 0 57.36%  as All Factions
45 42 0 51.72%  as Town
26 12 0 68.42%  as Mafia / Werewolves
0 0 0 0%  as Cult
3 1 0 75%  as Self-Aligned

Clubs & Affiliations

Real-world Meets

Achievements and Accolades