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    Hey, welcome to my wiki.. Not really sure why you're here, but Welcome :D

Currently I'm looking to form a hydra, if you're interested send me a PM

Game Role Thoughts
Newbie 1085 Mafia Goon First game ever, and I'm mafia! I can't say I did too bad, but I didn't do too good either. Fun first game, though.
Newbie 1092 Mafia Goon My play this game reeked of newb, I lurked to the max, and only won due to having a strong partner
Mini Normal 1161 Mafia Goon We got unlucky this game, and Vi and I had this won until Setael replaced in.
Newbie 1095 Vanilla Townie My first townie game, and I have to say, I played pretty well. I had the scum caught, but ultimately the other townie quickhammered, losing us the game
Colour Concentration Mafia Drop Of Yellow (Town) This was a really fun game, but I never got to do all that much, full of strong players/ and my other half never died. Maybe went into the game a little too early.
Mini Normal 1175 Vanilla Townie Played with FATE. This was a unique experience, and we JUST managed to pull out the win. Interesting lylo..
Mini Normal 1170 Jailkeeper This was a difficult game, I got completely out-played by PanzerJagger at the end, and it really pushed me to improve. Got CC'd in lylo, and Sleepykrew quickhammered me
Newbie 1107 Vanilla Townie Very fun game, and it taught me to watch out for people buddying up to you, I had one of the scum caught from very early on, but didn't even think my top town read could be scum.
Mini Normal 1187 Vanilla Townie This wasn't my best play, and I messed up in lylo pretty bad...
Newbie 1118 Vanilla Townie The most angry I've ever been in a game, Scumhunter quickhammered me randomly and he was townie! Fun game overall, though.
Newbie 1120 Jailkeeper Very interesting game, had the scumteam pinned early on, but unfortunately I got lynched near the end. Confirmed scumhunter, then he hammered me early on again :(
Newbie 1115 Vanilla Townie Fun game, thought hiphop was scum almost immediately, he tricked me in lylo though.
Mini Normal 1190 Vanilla Townie Fun game, Panzer played a solid game up until the mason claim, which ultimately lost it for him
[ New York 137 Neruzian Era Mafia BIG EDITION [REDACTED] [REDACTED]
Mini Normal 1202 Redacted Redacted
Newbie 1112 Redacted Redacted
TV MAFIA Redacted Redacted
Brightest Day Mafia Redacted Redacted
Newbie 1137 Redacted First time IC :3 REDACTED
Newbie 1131 Redacted Redacted
Newbie 1136 Redacted Redacted
Newbie 1121 Redacted Redacted

lazy so postig in big list