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EPYC 2: Chains of Glory/Chain 13

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Chain 13: inHimshallibe's Chain

22. inHimshallibe - Phrase

"Spare the rod and spoil the child."

26. TheBadOne - Picture


31. implosion - Phrase

"As the insane doctor killed him, the patient was crying - yet he somehow still approved."

38. bvoigt - Picture


27. Furry - Phrase

"The doctor stabbed the man with the broken arm to death."

12. tanstalas - Picture


6. Zorblag - Phrase

"The doctor cheerfully stabbed the patient in the chest so that he wouldn't have to treat their broken arm."

8. Papa Zito - Picture


3. ChannelDelibird - Phrase

"The surgeon, convinced he was Vijay Singh, made the wrong kind of hole in one."

36. Mist7676 - Picture


10. Andrius - Phrase

"No one will play ping-pong with the nudist Doctor."

4. VasudeVa - Picture


7. Antihero - Phrase

"While Mario played table tennis with a friend, the naked doctor played with himself."

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