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Haylen loves you.

We're not sure why. Just be grateful you are.


xRECKONERx loves you.

We're not sure why. Just be grateful you are.


I play erratic. 'Nough said. Its the non-play stuff that makes me Furry.

I guess im also borderline depressive given my life, maybe bitter is a better word for what ive nearly been cornered into, not fun though. Basically yes I am gay, I use basically because in certain scenarios im not but majority of the time yea, anyways. Recently ive heard someone call it 'homo-flexable' I like that term. That and being a furry really just ends poorly for me.

Most people are always taught of the basic good nature of others and how we are all there for eachother and all that other stuff. This comes from family, religion, or other stuff. Most things are accepted, for some reason though I find im not really. People almost seem afraid of me for being gay. They act like being around me will result in them... hell I dont know. People just never seem to know to act around me after they know. These are the better people too.

What gets me most, is that I know what its like to really be hated by people for something that is way beyond my control. That is what has basically destroyed my faith in everything. The fact that people truely hate me for who I am, its one of the worst feelings you could ever have, yet its something that I experience daily. I get mocked, recieve slurs, get threatened and so on. Its really enough to make you snap.

I take it in stride, with a smile and a skip. Inside though I usually am slowly dying. At times I really wonder if being me is really worth the emotional pain. If I should really just drink the kool-aid and slip into the crowd, into nothingness, and see if that lets me escape the pain.

Who knows really.

Also hugs help.

If I could be like that, I would give anything. Just to live one day, in those shoes. If I could be like that, what would I do? What would I do?