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EPYC: Chains of Glory/Chain 5

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Chain 5: Kitoari's Chain

2. Kitoari - Phrase

"Another day at the news desk."

11. gandalf5166 - Picture


6. Zorblag - Phrase

"The anchor with the villainous mustache read his international news segment."

7. Antihero - Picture


25. Shanba - Phrase

"Evil mustachioed man sits in his house on the moon."

3. ChannelDelibird - Picture


12. tanstalas - Phrase

"The Italian man on the moon likes Hitler but hates felines."

1. Fenchurch - Picture


8. Papa Zito - Phrase

"Italian moon men love Hitler but hate cats."

29. StrangerCoug - Picture


17. Umbrage - Phrase

"French astronauts think about how they love Nazis and hate kangaroos."

33. Chevre - Picture


38. bvoigt - Phrase

"The astronaut loves Nazis, but not squirrels."

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