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Cracking Idea Mafia

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  • Cracking Idea Mafia
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Cracking Idea Mafia is a goofy British (look, redundancy!) semi-open setup intended to maximise the playability of Greater Idea Mafia. Xdaamno felt a top-down design effort on this bottom-up setup idea would be fun to play.

Introduction to Cracking Idea Mafia

Here's how the 'Greater Idea' idea works: each player is randomly dealt two roles from the deck. They must immediately choose one to keep and discard the other. Once every player has chosen a role, the mod checks the game is satisfactory (e.g., they may require between 2-4 anti-town roles) - otherwise the game is rerolled. The game begins with any factional/partnered roles being informed of their partners. At the start of Day 1, every player's discarded role is publicly revealed - this information is usually sufficient to replace the random vote stage.

In this setup, anti-town roles are in three main factions: Mafia, Aliens and Goo. Aliens have a limited number of teamkills, and the Goo have no teamkill. Picking either of these factions generally give you more fun abilities, but the downsides are a lack of teamkills and teammates - so, sometimes, they're functionally equivalent to serial killers. There are a lot of wacky roles, so before playing, skim the list and get to know how most of them work. There are a couple of new roles on the town side to counter the Alien and Goo threats. For example, some games may revolve around the Conspiracy Theorists, each of which investigate each of the others as being Alien. Others may contain a mason group, but be complicated by the presence of a Chameleon Goo.

Greater Idea is necessarily an unpredictable goofy game, but the setup mitigates this by attempting to reduce the number of 'opaque' setups for which the town has no chance of deciphering the roles in the game. For this reason, some common roles like Serial Killers, Strongmen and straightforward scum Roleblockers are omitted. Finally, some invented roles which would be unusual in standard games fit neatly into the Greater Idea format, such as the Persona Non Grata, the Coroner and the Pseudojester.


  1. Vanilla Townie
  2. Vanilla Townie
  3. Vanilla Townie
  4. Vanilla Townie
  5. Vanilla Townie
  6. Vanilla Townie
  7. Vanilla Townie
  8. Vanilla Townie
  9. Vanilla Townie
  10. Vanilla Townie
  11. Doctor
  12. Doctor
  13. Coroner (can target a dead player to discover which role(s) killed them, but not the player who owns it; can also target a living player, succeeding if they die that night)
  14. Coroner
  15. Coroner
  16. Coroner
  17. Bodyguard
  18. Bodyguard
  19. One-shot Commuter
  20. Cop
  21. Cop
  22. Ascetic Cop
  23. Backup Cop (becomes a Cop if a Cop, Ascetic Cop, Traitor Cop or Jack Of All Trades dies)
  24. Watcher
  25. Tracker
  26. Hider (dies if successfully targets a Mafia, Alien or Goo, or a player that died that night; immune to night actions if successfully targets a player otherwise.)
  27. Ascetic Hider
  28. Area 51 Detective (target is roleblocked if Alien)
  29. Area 51 Immunologist (permanently renders target immune to any kind of death by Aliens, except elimination)
  30. Conspiracy Theorist (gets result for "Alien" or "Not Alien"; immune to Alien kills; investigates as "Alien")
  31. Conspiracy Theorist
  32. Conspiracy Theorist
  33. Conspiracy Theorist
  34. Conspiracy Theorist
  35. Conspiracy Theorist
  36. Conspiracy Theorist
  37. Compulsive Roleblocker
  38. Jailkeeper
  39. Jailkeeper
  40. Jack Of All Trades (cop/doc/roleblock abilities, all one-shot)
  41. Mason
  42. Mason
  43. Mason
  44. Ascetic Mason
  45. Mason Compulsive Bodyguard
  46. Mason Reflexive Doctor
  47. One-shot Vigilante
  48. Miller Vigilante
  49. One-shot Day Vigilante
  50. Nymphomaniac (compulsively chooses a lover on night 1; the other lover is not informed)
  51. Excellent Sense of Smell Townie (immediately informed how many of each Goo roles are in the game)
  52. Excellent Sense of Smell Townie
  53. Ugly Townie (immediately informed how many of each goo roles are in the game; can win with the goo survivor-style; investigates as Alien)
  54. Ugly Townie
  55. Clairvoyant (immediately informed how many factions there are; condemner/pseudojester count as factions)
  56. Clairvoyant
  57. Clairvoyant
  58. Clairvoyant
  59. Treestump
  60. Persona Non Grata (guaranteed to be the target of the Condemner, if one exists)
  61. Macho One-shot Kingmaker (cannot be protected)
  62. Macho Death Kingmaker (cannot be protected; kingmaker action activates publicly upon death, applies to the next day)
  63. Supersaint
  64. Vengeful Townie
  65. Town One-shot Diplomat
  66. Universal Backup (acquires current abilities of first killed town player)
  67. Universal Backup
  68. Mafia Goon
  69. Mafia Goon
  70. Mafia Goon
  71. Mafia Goon
  72. Ascetic Mafia Goon
  73. Ascetic Mafia Goon
  74. Bulletproof Mafia Goon
  75. Bulletproof Mafia Goon
  76. Mafia Tracker
  77. Mafia One-Shot Role Cop
  78. Mafia One-Shot Role Cop
  79. Mafia Traitor Cop (initially unaware of teammates, and vice-versa)
  80. Mafia Conspiracy Theorist (immune to Alien kills; gets result for "Alien" or "Not Alien"; investigates as either "Alien" or "Mafia")
  81. Mafia Conspiracy Theorist
  82. Mafia Clairvoyant (immediately informed how many factions there are; condemner/pseudojester count as factions)
  83. Mafia Clairvoyant
  84. Mafia One-shot Day Vigilante
  85. Mafia Godfather
  86. Alien Avenger (supersaint)
  87. Alien Avenger
  88. Alien Vanillerizer
  89. Alien Vanillerizer
  90. Alien Psychotrooper (while alive, all roles which expect a result receive 'no result' as if role blocked)
  91. Alien One-Shot Psychomagnet (all night actions are redirected to the target)
  92. Alien Monarch (bulletproof diplomat day-vigilante - but loses all abilities when any ability is activated; bulletproof ability can absorb multiple shots in one night; Alien Monarch isn't told explicitly when the bulletproof ability activates)
  93. Baby Alien Monarch (on the dawn of Day 4, becomes an Alien Monarch; at that point, the town is publicly informed of the presence of this role; until then, cannot perform Alien factional kills)
  94. Baby Alien Monarch
  95. Condemner (game ends if condemner wins; condemner becomes vanilla townie if target is killed; mod personally selects a town condemnee target after all players have chosen their roles)
  96. Pseudojester (one-shot diplomat; converts to the alignment of the hammering player when eliminated; cannot win otherwise)
  97. Red Goo (goo-aligned; targeted player unstoppably dies, even if bulletproof etc; one-shot; cannot be redirected/blocked; mod announces the death being due to a Red Goo)
  98. Red Goo
  99. Grey Goo (goo-aligned; anyone who successfully targets Grey Goo with an action becomes goo-aligned and vanillerized. The goo faction gains immediate knowledge of this. Immediately after night 2, Grey Goo (unblockably) dies)
  100. Chameleon Goo (same as grey goo; also a mason)

Terms & Conditions

  • Cops return 'Guilty' upon investigating Mafia, 'Not Guilty' otherwise.
  • The role-related death of Bodyguards can be protected. Extra notes for multiple bodyguards: Their protections can chain, but if two bodyguards target each other, both die if one is killed.
  • A player Vanillerized at night loses any abilities they have, effective immediately the next morning. The player is informed of this.
  • Eliminating a diplomat role brings the game to night, but with no role reveal.
  • Roleblocks only work on targeting actions - but roleblocking effects cannot be roleblocked. Roleblockers (followed by the psychomagnet) have top priority.
  • No roles can self-target.
  • When mentioned, the abilities of a role refer to all of their role details which are unrelated to their faction or win condition.

Factional Notes

  • Aliens have a limited number of teamkills corresponding to the number of players:
    • 4-7 players: 1 kill
    • 8-11 players: 2 kills
    • 12-15 players: 3 kills
    • 16-19 players: 4 kills
    • (etc)
  • Goo have no teamkills, but beat anything in endgames.
  • Factional kills must be performed by a specified member of the team.

Role PMs

Really? Yes. See /RolePMs

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