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idk what to put here

Game History

Code shamelessly taken from Ircher.


Completed Games History
Username Type Number Start Date Title Alignment Role Outcome Status Result Notes
TemporalLich Mini Normal 2057 Feb 06 2019 Mini 2057 Mafia Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D1 Lost Rough game for my first game on-site, but hey being scumbuddies is an easy way to make friends.
TemporalLich Newbie 1916 Feb 08 2019 Newbie 1916 Town Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D1 Won #BringICsBack
TemporalLich Newbie 1919 Feb 25 2019 Newbie 1919 Town Vanilla Town Win Survived Won I was saved by RC.
TemporalLich Mini Theme ? Mar 01 2019 Unstable Mafia Town Medium Town Win Killed N4 Won oh boy I pretty much carried the game, I was basically a Mason with every dead townie in the game. And the mysterious voice helped.
TemporalLich Large Theme N/A Mar 16 2019 Greatest Idea VIII Town Seer Town Win Eliminated D2 Won I really hate how I apparently messed up my Seer claim, wanted to play it safe to avoid a modkill.
TemporalLich Micro 865 Apr 16 2019 Let’s Talk About an Ongoing Game Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost This was a thing.
TemporalLich Open 757 Apr 18 2019 Panic Room! Town Vanilla Mafia Win Blown Up N2 Lost The mafia found a breaking strategy by nightkilling the bomb with a scum in the bunker. (!)
Time Devil Large Theme N/A Apr 19 2019 Gameshow Mafia (Reroll) Town Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed Lost RadiantCowbells deserves a freaking medal.
Time Devil Mini Theme 2072 Apr 24 2019 Timeshift Mafia IV Town Vanilla Mafia Win Killed N4 Lost A rather interesting game.
TemporalLich Large Theme N/A May 29 2019 One Night Ultimate Ultimate Werewolf Town Prince Werewolf/Vampire/Villain Win Endgamed Lost McMenno failed to stick to Vorkuta's plan.
TemporalLich Micro 880 Jun 26 2019 A Normal Game Town Traffic Analyst Mafia Win Killed N2 Lost Town was doomed from the start.
TemporalLich Large Theme N/A Jun 30 2019 Grandest Idea Mafia Town Chocolate Mafia Win Eliminated D3 Lost This wasn't a fun game at all. And it's freaking GestIM of all things!
TemporalLich Newbie 1943 Jul 01 2019 Newbie 1943 Town Cop Town Win Survived Won Even with an atrocious D1 (both PRs claimed somewhat and there was a No Elimination?!), town still won.
TemporalLich Mini Theme 2090 Jul 27 2019 CYS: AtmosFEAR of Terrors Scum Tar Monster Third Party Win Banished TC23 Lost This was a very weird game.
TemporalLich Mini Theme 2097 Sep 15 2019 Make Me Regret This UPick Mafia Disloyal Informed Inventor Town Win Eliminated D3 Lost I claimed no modifiers and got found out by bad night actions, and also I apparently was an inventor that granted full abilities.
TemporalLich Large Theme N/A Sep 22 2019 Grand Idea uPick Mafia Indigo Goo Werewolf Win Killed N4 Lost Somehow I didn't do much with my chaotic role.
TemporalLich Large Theme N/A Mar 9 2022 Grandest Idea Mafia Town Split-Target Strongwilled Double Doctor 2-Shot Strongman Vigilante Third Party Win, Mafia and Serial Killer Draw Killed N1 Lost Died N1, but somehow managed to vig a deathproof scum.
TemporalLich Micro 1069 Feb 14 2023 Korina Runs Another GIM Town Bus Driver Mafia Win Killed N1 Lost I was apparently thought to be a potential traitor...
TemporalLich Large Theme N/A May 13 2023 BooneyToonz XVI: Boons Ahoy! Kraken Kraken Town Win Left D3 Lost My reads were bad that game honestly.


Normality rating scale can be found here: User:TemporalLich/Normality Rating

Games I modded
Type Normality Rating Number Start Date Title Co-Mod Players Last Phase Result Comments
Micro Normal Standard 892 Sep 24 2019 TemporalLich's Micro Normal Backup: Xtoxm 9 Day 3 Mafia Win Mafia still won despite the townsided setup... somehow.
Mini Theme Mutant 2127 Mar 23 2020 Fairly Special Backup: chkflip 13 Night 4 Mafia Win Scumsided and a burden to moderate. The endgame wasn't really fair either (probably called too early), but that's because the scum vigilante equivalent was very strong.
Large Theme Anything Goes N/A May 19 2020 Grand Idea GPick chkflip 17 Day 9 Town Win A pretty fun and surprisingly balanced Grand Idea game.
Open Standard 789 Aug 9 2020 Two-Fold 2d3 Backup: Datisi 13 Day 4 Town Win Feels like a decent setup. Somehow I forgot I modded this game.
Large Theme Anything Goes N/A Feb 12 2021 TemporalLich's Grand Idea Backup: Ircher 21 Night 6 Town Win Long and drawn out, Town somehow won a 4 player Dilemma via No Exile.
Mini Theme Anything Goes 2210 May 11 2021 The Deck of Astral Roles Backup: Jingle 13 Night 4 Mafia and Werewolf Win This game is all quickhammers. Let this game be the reason your game has alivelines.
Large Normal Standard 235 Aug 7 2021 Large Normal With No Multiball Backup: Cook 17 Day 6 Town Win After two mislims, Town managed to correctly eliminate the whole scumteam from then.
Large Theme Anything Goes N/A Oct 4 2021 The Deck of Astral Roles II: Expanded Universe Backup: Cook 17 Night 4 Town and Astral Creature Win DoAR seems to be unbalanced...
Mini Theme Anything Goes 2261 Feb 1 2022 Grand Idea: Deflated Bubble Backup: Jingle 13 Night 3 Town Win Doubly memey, ended in a crosskill.