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About Me

I was first introduced to Mafia at some retreat in junior high school, where we played with a deck of cards and had the typical mafia, town, cop, and doc roles. After playing with the same people over and over I started to get night killed on the first night every game.

I rediscovered Mafia on another forum and enjoyed playing it online more than in real life because it catered to certain qualities of mine. I love logic and deduction and I love the controlled environment for arguing online. The most frustrating thing about playing mafia online is the dead moments where people feel there is nothing to comment on, especially when there is plenty to comment on. It drives me nuts when people make posts that say something along the lines of: "Just popping in, but there is not much going on." I almost want to policy vote/lynch these people but I think that would have severe consequences without any further research/investigation on my part.

Some comments made in-game about my playstyle/online persona:

Games and Statistics

Completed Games

Ordered by Completion Date, most recent at top.

Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Newbie 942 RedCoyote Goon Lynched D3 Town Win D4 ??? Apr 15 2010 - June 11 2010 (57) Original Player
I decided to try my hand at being a SE. I thought I did pretty well for a while, but really blew it Day 2 which resulted in the downfall of my team. I knew on D3 I was going to be the likely lynch, so I chose to behave a little scummy, to distract for a while and waste some time, then claim doctor, and hope my partner would get on my bandwagon early. He didn't, and was lynched the next day. This was probably one of my worst games.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Lay of Leithian Mafia Plum Vanilla, modified Survived Endgame Town Win, D9
Other Win, D9
??? Apr 1 2010 - Jun 5 2010 (65) Original Player
My first "real" Large themed game (besides Pledge of Allegiance) and I had extreme difficulty keeping up with this game due to the large player list and the delayed/limited death reveals. I survived to endgame while being under constant suspicion. I had nailed one scum on day one but couldn't convince myself to go after it (since I was already looking so scummy) but got vengeance when I hammered him (Budja). I don't really have a lot to say about this game because I don't really know what the hell went on. I will say that limited reveal sucks.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 945: Mafia in Bawlmer Amished (backup) Vanilla Townie Killed N5 Mafia Win D6 ??? Mar 26 2010 - May 20 2010 (55) Original Player
Even though the town stopped three consecutive night kills, we lost. I had a hard time staying with this game; I also suffered a serious seizure during this game and this game (along with Newbie 942) were the toughest for me to get back into afterwards. One thing I did learn was to never underestimate MacavityLock as scum.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
959: Malth's Alternate Reality malthusis Godfather Lynched D3 Mafia Win D5 ??? Apr 22 2010 - May 16 2010 (24) Original Player
Another one of my favorite games with some great flavor. I really appreciated the layout of the names and roles; it obviously had a lot of thought put into it. I think I enjoyed this game because of the player list. I played with a lot of people that I had never played with before but had read games with them in it. Up until this game I had never been lynched and I shouldn't have been (except for I was an idiot). I got caught by Jack's jailkeep ability when I submitted the kill. I really blew it because my partner had already submitted the kill but I had several replacements for a partner and thought my partner had been absent through the entire night phase so I submitted the kill which overroad his. I got quicklynched and didn't even have time to respond but I did have some fun as the mod hadn't posted the lynch scene yet and claimed Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell and it took an extra vote to lynch me. Obviously it wouldn't have done anything but I was hoping to get some people to unvote and create some suspicion of them the next day. I did get a "lulz. gotta give you points on the fakeclaim" from UncertainKitten which brought a little smile to my face (since we have a tendancy to argue quite a bit during our games). I was mostly worried that someone would start to wonder why the Godfather was committing the kills as my partner being absent would have been a good reason for that; but luckily nobody did. My final partner went on to win the game and UncertainKitten almost blew the roof post game when she found out she was a delusioned vigalante who didn't do anything.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Pledge of Allegiance Zoraster The Legislature Killed N1 Zorblag Win D4
Mafia Win D6
??? May 3 2010 - May 10 2010 (7) Original Player
Another great game moderated by Zoraster. All players picked the faction they wanted (town, mafia, or other) and then the game was balanced from there. I picked other and landed on a team with Shotty to the Body and our goal was to earn more points than the other two "other" teams in our competition. There were various ways to score points including transmitting one shot role results to people and by being on correct lynches. I didn't last long in this game because I made some serious scum errors right out of the gate that got enough attention on me to earn a vigilante kill the first night. I really wish I would have lasted longer as all the "other" teams tied and if my role transmission had gone through it might have changed the tide. It was also a fun game to watch because of the unique roles.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 941: (Almost) No Rules Mafia Zoraster Tracker, modified Killed N2 Town Win D5 ??? Mar 5 2010 - Apr 4 2010 (30) Original Player
This was absolutely my favorite game at the time (and probably up until A Clash of Kings). There were practically no rules, we could quote mods, make fake accounts, and do basically whatever we wanted. I loved my role even though it was near impossible to use. I was the Town Word Use Tracker, meaning I had to get someone to say a word I selected from a ridiculous list of words each day before I could track anyone. I ended up fake claiming Obsessive Compulsive Wordsmith and told people I would kill myself if I didn't get someone to say the word. I tried valiantly to get people to say my first selection (duplicity) before fake claiming. I got nothing substantial from my tracking results but we went on to a town win. The highlights were probably Hoopla fake daykilling someone and then posting with a sham that looked like the moderator to display the results. A very fun and well designed game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 947 - Halo Mafia Shotty to the Body Vigilante, Modified Survived Endgame Town Win D3 ??? Mar 30 2010 - Apr 19 2010 (20) Original Player
I enjoyed this game despite the scum team practially imploding by the beginning of D2. I suppose my role was a modified vigilante, although I couldn't actually shoot anyone. I had a gun that was not loaded, so anytime I could hand it off to someone else and they could then have one night kill. I was planning on giving my gun to the remaining scum member until the lyncher completed his win condition and then I second guessed myself and withheld the gun. Having the gun made me essentially a confirmed townie late on since I could prove my role. Although swingy, I really liked the setup of this game and I wish the scum would not have been demolished by the start of D2 to see the possibilities.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 926 - A Game of Thrones Mafia Faraday Vanilla Townie Killed Night One Mafia Win D4 ??? Feb 17 2010 - Mar 6 2010 (17) Original Player
I was really excited about this game due to the flavor being one of my favorite fantasy books. I drew a vanilla townie role and did my best to draw the night kill. I had scumKinetic pinned on Day One but couldn't get it through and then the scum manhandled the town into an embarrassing win. Kinetic managed to convince the town that name claiming on D1 was a good idea (which I was strongly opposed to). During the name claim, I lied and claimed Cold Hands in hopes to draw attention as a possible third party threat and get NK'ed. I almost sunk myself since Cold Hands wasn't even in A Game of Thrones, but the desired outcome was still achieved; not that it did any good...


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 888 - X-COM TFTD malthusis Cop Killed Twilight 2 Town Win D5 ??? Nov 24 2009 - Dec 10 2009 (16) Original Player
A flavor filled game where all players were required to use alternate accounts. I was Tracey Morris, the X-COM Director (cop). I wish the game would have played out differently because a really sweet role (Tentaculat) was killed night one. This role essentially allowed the Tentaculat player to start taking over other accounts and allowed him to post as that player. I was able to get a guilty investigation on scum (Emile) and was killed the next night. Emile was lynched the following day.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 872: Mafia in Belgrove Faraday Vanilla Townie Killed Endgame D4 Mafia Win D4  ??? Nov 3 2009 - Dec 3 2009 (31) Replaced U.N. Owen, D1
My first game where I replaced someone. In the midst of voting No Lynch I had identified a power role and soft fake claimed cop to draw attention to me so that I would get night killed and give the tracker another night of investigation. The Tracker ended up claiming so he was NK'ed and then I blew it by rushing the final day mislynch. If we had voted No Lynch the town probably would have won since I would have been NK'ed and the Tracker said he followed the person who turned out to be the Mafia Godfather. Overall, I think I played a good game up until the final day. Lesson learned.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Newbie 844 starkmoon Mafia Goon Survived Day 3 Mafia Win D3  ??? Sept 19 2009 - Nov 16 2009 (59) Original player from Newbie Queue
My first game on MafiaScum and a perfect mafia win. It was also my first online game with an anti-town role. Although the game moved slowly, I had a lot of fun and received some pretty solid town reads by others on several occasions. My mafia partner and I didn't necessarily bamboozle the town but we were able to perfectly capitalize on some town errors.

Ongoing Games

Ordered by Individual Start Date, most recent at top.

Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 885: Mafia in the Village (Abandoned) Boxman TBD TBD Pending  ??? Nov 19 2009 - TBD (TBD) Original Player from Queue