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No Lynch

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No Lynch is an alternative decision the players can reach during each Day. If "No Lynch" receives a majority vote, the Day will end with no one dying, and the game will proceed to Night.

Some moderators will specify that lynching is compulsive, thus they cannot No Lynch. Frequently this is for balance reasons, or to break deadlocks (e.g. Happily Ever After situations) and thus force the game to have a definite ending.

Whether it is appropriate or advantageous to No Lynch is situational. Players may No Lynch in order to maintain an odd number of living players, which is mathematically advantageous. Alternatively, they may vote No Lynch in hopes that an investigative role will get the information needed to lynch more accurately or efficiently.

In some games outside, the density of power roles (especially investigative roles) is high enough that players will simply refuse to lynch until a Cop has enough information to step forward and lead the game. On, it is typically the opposite - in particular, there is no expectation that there is a single power role strong enough to give the Town a major advantage if used for a few Nights. Besides, that kind of strategy only works if that power role avoids getting killed.

Note that when No Lynching, the players who die overNight are chosen by scum, so the benefit that Town gets from losing players at a slower rate is not as good as one may think.