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A player that joined Mafiascum late in 2008. He has replaced into several games and started a couple more.

IS CURSED AS SCUM. Seriously. One way or another, if I'm scum, I'll get screwed by a night action, setup failure, stupid mistake, or something. I will never win a scum game unless I replace in at endgame when both other people are wagoning each other. Even then I'll still probably find a way to screw it up.

As either alignment, I'll be NK'd. So don't bother voting me.

Hydras with VP Baltar regularly under Merkabah. Infrequently with RayFrost under EdFrost.

Game 1 (Doctor)

First Newbie game: [1]

Replaced in as the Doctor on Day 2, survived N2 and was forced to claim D3 (subsequently killed N3)

First game, and had a Goon fake claim cop to win it in endgame. Rough start to things....

Record: 0-1 (Survived 1 night)

Game 2 (Vanilla Townie)

Replaced into [2] as a regular old VTownie, tunneled on another VTownie, and was NK'd for WIFOM purposes. Scum ended up getting a perfect game out of it, partially due to an automatic 3 week deadline. Small games I feel suffer because of the deadlines, while Large games almost need them.

Record: 0-2 (Survived 0 nights; 1 total)

Game 3 (Mafia Goon)

Replaced into [3] for my first game as scum on Day 2. A VT got lynched without my help D2, successfully NK'd the Doctor N3 and bussed my partner/Roleblocker D4. N4 I dispatched the claimed cop (who really threw a wrench into things for claiming on D2) on N4, and with a little luck a confirmed innocent thought that the other townie was "too townie" and voted for them instead of me resulting in my first win.

Record: 1-2 (Not counting nights survived for scum games, overall 1 night survived in 4 non-scum games, including dead but not finished games)

Game 4 (Vanilla Townie)

Replaced into [4] Day3, and though I had everything figured out. Clearly both of the townies looked scummier than the actual scum, and we got a townie lynched shortly after I joined in partially because of me. Probably my most embarrassing moment so far. I was so excited because the whole game made sense for the first time ever, though that's what I get for thinking anything makes sense.

Record: 1-3 (1 survived night from completed games)

Game 5 (Townie)

[5] Day1 (Polygamist/Lovers mafia) (nightless) Replaced in D1, ended up catching one of the scum with our first lynch, we quicklynched the town/town pairing, and I lead an attack on the other town/town pairing to seal the deal on my loss. I didn't pay enough attention, but nobody thought that the scum player was actually scum so KMD played well. Interesting setup, kinda liked it.

Record 1-4

Game 6 (Townie)

Started [6] as a townie, NK'd N1 apparently due to not being lead easily. One of the 3 scum was a heavy lurker, I had another one pegged, and didn't suspect the third. Either way, it was mod/player abandoned beginning of D2. LAME.

Game 7 (Townie)

Started [7] as Vanilla Townie, NK'd N1 by a vig who thought one thing smelled funny about me after they were drinking. Pegged 2 out of the 3 scum by reading D2, finding one person particularly scummy, and another through their voting pattern following the first, and the third scum ended up basically killing himself through stupid play D4. Unfortunately, I wasn't around at the time, and the scum won with 2 left and some questionable scumhunting at the end.

Record 1-5 (0-5 when not making it to endgame, 1-0 when doing so).

Games still ongoing (I'm dead)

[8] As scum.

[9] As Vanilla Townie (0 survived nights)

Games currently in (and alive)

[10] Day7 (Large Normal) (6 survived nights)

[11] N1, large theme (Mindscrew?)

[12] Day1 (Large Normal)

[13] Day1 (Newbie F11 setup)

Games list (dump, maybe will sort)

Newbie 694 (town)

mini 749 (town)

mini 761 (town)

mafia 91 (town)

The manor (town)

mini 778 (town)

open 142 (town)

newbie 731 (town)

newbie 741 (town)

newbie 748 (scum loss)

mini 815 (scum loss)

newbie 765 (town)

newbie 789 (town)

open 166 (town)

lost mafia (scum)

mafia 92 (scum WIN!)

mafia 94 (town)

mafia 100 (town)

LotA mafia (town)

open 173 (town)

newbie 846 (town)

mafia 104 (town)

open 175 (town)

mini 861 (town)

mini 866 (scum WIN)

mini 884 (town)

SWN II b-mod (town)

mini 903 (scum loss)

open 193 (town)

Last Will Maf (scum loss)

mafia 107 (scum loss)

mini 942 (town)

L4D mafia (scum WIN)

mini 976 (town loss)

NY111 (town win)

ongoing ver.2

karma mafia (dead)

mini 983




mini 845 (town win)

open 217 (AitP lol game. 3 pages? town win)


backup modded

mini 945 (scum win; debatable, unknown wincons when called (vig vs. mafia endgame)

open 216 (scum win; town cop was lynched D1...)