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Telephone Pictionary: Lots of Emotions/Chain R

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Chain R: Save The Dragons's chain

Save The Dragons - Phrase

The man was very helpful but I knew he wouldn't stay; there used to be a baby but the baby went away.

Flameaxe - Picture


Radja - Phrase

The man cried in his chair as his wife left him and took their baby because she no could no longer endure the red painted walls.

xofelf - Picture


Aronis - Phrase

A boy sitting in a red room is crying while his blonde-haired parents stand in the doorway.

Haschel Cedricson - Picture


Klick - Phrase

A mom and dad quickly unicycle into their crying toddler's room and find several tiny ghosts terrorizing it.

StaplerTowel - Picture


Jopalopa - Phrase

The couple on unicycles react in horror to the sight of ghosts circling a crying baby.

PiggyGal15 - Picture


Iprobablysuck - Phrase

The young couple on a bike came upon three ghosts circiling around a crying baby

ForWhomTheJellyRolls - Picture


StrangerCoug - Phrase

The girls on the tandem bike got scared when they had to bike through the ghosts going counterclockwise to rescue the crying baby.

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