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Hi. I'm Iprobablysuck. Or IPS for short. I hate Mafia so find me at Mish Mash.

MISH MASH TRACK RECORD (in random ass order, sorry)

Clash of the Mash 2016, by CuddlyCaucasian and Xofelf. 13th out of 20 in the Rookie Group.

Coin Game, by JDGA. 20th out of 23.

Coin Game For Richer or Poorer, by Mallowgeno. 13th out of 15.

2016 NFL Three Strikes Challenge, by Pablito. 8th out of 22 (I think?)

Survivor Clusterf*ck, by Blackberry. 12th out of 12.

Wie is De Mol, by Realeo. 5th out of 9.

Ferris Wheel: Kelly Chen, by mallowgeno. 10th out of 17.

2017 NFL Three Strikes Challenge, by Pablito. 9th out of 24.

Other Mish Mash games I participated in: Telephone Pictionary Lots of Emotions by CuddlyCaucasian, Beat The Mod by Animorherv 1 (died round 1), Hangman by Transcend (successfully guessed 2 words), The Great Necro Game by GuyinFreezer (one time record holder), Everyone is an SK (Killing Spree Mafia) by PokerFace (died night 2), What Were You Thinking XII by StrangerCoug/Aurathebirb and Mjollnir (finished on level 4 with 473 points), NFL Confidence Pick Em' by Pablito (won Week 6) (and several others that I either didn't complete, never got off the ground, or aren't really games)


The Challenge: Cutthroat, by CuddlyCaucasian and Pablito. N/A out of 24, replaced out early.

Survivor: Civilization by Haschel Cedricson, Radja and Animorpherv1. 12th out of 24 (as Augustus Caesar)

Allocate/Execute II by StrangerCoug. 12th out of 14th

Tontine by Pablito. 6th out of 8

The Challenge: The Void, by CuddylyCaucasian and Pabltio. 20th out of 26.

Rick and Morty Big Brother, by Reck, CC and Flameaxe, 3rd out of 12.


By the unlikely chance you care about me, feel free to insult me here.