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Telephone Pictionary: Lots of Emotions/Chain O

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Chain O: Equinox's chain

Equinox - Phrase

The more I play, the luckier I get.

BS2000 - Picture


Save The Dragons - Phrase

The pink rectangles in the sky caused the tree to uproot and hover above the ground.

Radja - Picture


StrangerCoug - Phrase

Pink envelopes fly from the tree that is magically uprooting itself.

GuyInFreezer - Picture


Jopalopa - Phrase

The envelope tree uprooted itself.

xofelf - Picture


ForWhomTheJellyRolls - Phrase

The mail tree balances with it's arms as it plows the soil for farmland.

Cheery Dog - Picture


Flameaxe - Phrase

Email tree uses his morning wood to till the fertile soil

McMenno - Picture


Iprobablysuck - Phrase

The nuclear envelope went on strike.

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