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Telephone Pictionary: Lots of Emotions/Chain P

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Chain P: BS2000's chain

BS2000 - Phrase

The diplomat is baking me and my lynx a cake.

Jopalopa - Picture


Flameaxe - Phrase

Man takes family pet to get tarot card reading at the yugioh store

Iprobablysuck - Picture


Cheery Dog - Phrase

The father grabbed the baby before it's mother could change it.

McMenno - Picture


Save The Dragons - Phrase

The green haired woman with a mug yelled at the man holding up the baby who needed to be changed.

PiggyGal15 - Picture


Equinox - Phrase

Jerry attempted to get Palutena to change their baby's soiled diaper but received an angry lecture on shared responsibility instead.

StrangerCoug - Picture


Klick - Phrase

A man asks his wife incomprehensible questions while she angrily tries to make a math metaphor about how he needs to factorial her into their relationship.

Shadoweh - Picture


ForWhomTheJellyRolls - Phrase

The woman needed more time to be happy, but her husband was confused because the purple monkey robot was about to destroy everything.

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