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Chevre is a player on MafiaScum.

Prefer to be a Pro-Town Player. J townie opt16.gif


While the account "Chevre" was created on February 19th, 2010, the user has been on the site since September 1st, 2007 as skitzer and later Khamisa. Back when a link to MafiaScum used to exist on the Wikipedia page for the game of Mafia, Chevre clicked on it and thus discovered the site. Along with MafiaScum, Chevre has played Mafia through the BYOND engine, Facebook Mafia, and EpicMafia.

Although never very prominent in the Mafia-playing area of the site, Chevre has been a near-constant presence in Mish Mash games. In 2012, he was notable for his multitude of unpopular opinions on political and social issues. Recently, however, he has toned down and is an under-the-radar fun presence in General Discussion and its adult cousin, the Speakeasy, where he ranks and reviews things such as music and movies. Chevre is also notable for his "Chevretars", quirky avatars that display his skillful use of Microsoft Paint (and sometimes free online photo editors).


skitzer - Chevre's first account on the site, utilized from September 1st, 2007 to January 27th, 2010. The username is a familiar form of one of the user's favorite Pokemon, Skitty.

Khamisa - An alt used to escape a bad reputation in Mafia games, Khamisa was used from April 27th, 2009 to November 4th, 2009. The username is simply a first name Chevre found in the phonebook that he was particularly drawn to.

Chevre - Chevre's current (and presumably permanent) account, created on February 19th, 2010. The username is derived from the Animal Crossing character of the same name. Chevre doesn't really like that character per se, just the name.

Played Games

NOTE: This section is very much a work-in-progress, as I try to update for all three accounts. It will be consistently updated with events after 19 April 2013.


Game Moderator Role Status/Result Comments
Newbie 443 bird1111 Vanilla Townie Killed during Endgame, Mafia Win This was my first game, and I think it really shows that, no matter how slow I may have improved, I HAVE improved. I was such a bad player at age 15, lol. But alas, it was a newbie game and I suppose I learned somethings. Looking back, the playerlist was especially good.
Open 46: Strawberry Mafia Erg0 Mafia Goon Lynched on Day 2, Mafia Win I don't remember much about this game, but I don't think I was a main contributor to the win.
Mini Normal 499: Just Your Typical Mafia Game JordanA24 Town Backup Modkilled on Day 1, Town Win Yikes. When updating my wiki I looked back and saw that I was modkilled and I was like, "what? why?" turns out I posted my role PM because I couldn't get anyone to believe I was just a "Backup". :/ You live, you learn. If anyone still cares I apologize.
Mini Theme 503: Dead People Have Powers Max Vanilla Townie Killed during Night 3, Town Win Don't remember much, except maybe that you had to die twice?
Mini Normal 512: Mafia Sans Vanille Sir Tornado Mafia ??? Lynched on Day 1, Mafia Win This game will always be really memorable for me, because I made the msitake of fakeclaiming vanilla townie in a game which explicitly states it lacks vanilla townies. lol. Despite the copious replacements, many players were really good and I will always remember its small size.
Mini Theme 514: Emperor Mafia The Central Scrutinizer Brutus, Serial Killer Survived, Abandoned My first experience as a third-party role, and it was abandoned. I like to think I was doing OK during the game.
Food Fight Mafia DrippingGoofball Nola Grand, Vanilla Townie "Lynched" on Day 1, Serial Killer Win What a cool concept! I still think I was generally not scummy and did not deserve to die first, lol. But I think that was partially due to the Serial Killer who ended up winning the game. Oh well.
Mini Theme 520: Triumvirate Mafia Shanba Mafia Goon Survived, Abandoned Neat concept which I think has found some similar usage in Open setups, but it didn't seem to work here.
Large Normal 71: The Corsican Syndicate theopor_COD Vanilla Townie Lynched on Day 4, Arsonist Win I think this was an incredibly fun game. Apparently the game blew up in a few days so I had to read through quite a few pages to get caught up. A fair share of twists for a Normal game, such as the Arsonist.
Mini Theme 524: Short and Sweet Mafia ibaesha Hedgewitch, Vanilla Townie Lynched on Day 1, Town Win I will always refer to it as "the game with hedgewitches. I think the gimmick of this game was that there could only be so many pages of posts.
Mini Theme 535: Pick Your Poison 2 Patrick Town Cop Lynched on Day 1, Town Win Don't remember much about this game, but I guess I was lynched on Day 1. As cop. Yikes.
Open 45: Baby Too Much Scum theopor_COD Serial Killer Lynched on Day 2, Mafia Win I love this setup, and I love being Serial Killer, but it's incredibly hard to win, I think.
Mini Theme 540: Nightmare mikeburnfire Star Dancer, Town Roleblocker Lynched on Day 2, Mafia Win Looks like there was a lot going on here.
Open 53: Near-Vanilla Hjallti Mafia Goon Lynched on Day 3, Mafia Win
Mini Theme 544: Keyboard Mafia Iammars ?, Vanilla Townie Lynched on Day 1, Abandoned This game had a super interesting premise, but it was unfortunately abandoned. I mean, I was dead by that time, but still...
Newbie 536 bird1111 Town Cop Killed during Night 2, Mafia Win In my infinite brilliance, I decided I would be an adequate IC? Yikes. I was a cop but something tells me my play was terrible.
Newbie 543: Foul Deeds in Isafin Mr. Flay Vanilla Townie Survived, Town Win WHAT??? Survived AND town win? Impossible...
Newbie 527 Vel-Rahn Koon Mafia Goon Lynched on Day 2, Town Win Flawless town victory. I guess that's reassuring for newbie town...
Large Normal 75: Return of the Mafia! Gorrad Town Mason Survived, Town Win Somehow, I magically survived all 170 pages of this game. It apparently lasted almost a year. Nevertheless, it was a good game with a lot of good and fun players.
Mini Theme 557: Contagion Skruffs Research Scientist, Vanilla Townie Infected and killed, Mafia Win Cool concept, probably needs to be done again.
Mafia 76: Desperate Cephrir Mafia Goon Lynched on Day 5, Town Win
Mini Theme 561: R-1000 Mafia Lawrencelot Charles Darwin, Biologist, Vanilla Townie Killed during Night 5, Mafia Win Fun concept, but I remember being really sad that I didn't get a power role in a game that just makes so much sense to be one.
Enigma Mi Skruffs Dick Blankette, Vengeful Townie Lynched on Day 4, Town Win Skruffs' games are always fun. I guess I was investigated by the insane cop and that led to my lynch.
Random Mafia 3 RandoCommando Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham, Very Paranoid Townie Survived, Town Win Despite the name, I had a fun role that didn't really get to get used, which is unfortunate...
Pikmin Mafia mikeburnfire Blue Pikmin, Town Killed on Day 7, Mafia Win This game was super confusing, with all the different colored Pikmin and a world I wasn't entirely familiar with in the first place.
Realistic Mafia KaleiÐoscøpe Vanilla Townie Killed during Night 2, Corsican Mafia Win Fun, complex game. The realistic gimmick was nifty but hard to manage.
Dynamite Stick Mafia Mr Stoofer Vanilla Townie Killed during Night 7, Town Win Fun game with a cool mechanic.
Newbie 606 armlx Town Doctor Killed during Endgame, Mafia Win
Mini Theme 603: Unorthodox Venture zu_Faul Mafia Framer Lynched on Day 4, Mafia Win I think I remember me and Coron made a sweet scum team. At least, that's what I like to remember.
Mini Theme 606: You Are What You Eat shaft.ed Fat Kid, Vanilla Townie Killed during Night 1, Mafia Win I liked this concept and it should definitely make a comeback.
Mini Normal 608 XReyoX Vanilla Townie Survived, Town Win This game had my first hammer, I guess.
Mushroom Kingdom Mafia Lawrencelot Parakoopa, Bowser's Army Killed during Night 4, Town Win I have absolutely no memory of this game.
Mini Theme 613: Ferris Wheel Mafia JDodge Mafia Goon Survived, Abandoned Based off a popular Mish Mash game. Had potential maybe kinda?
Mini Theme 625: Essential Liberties Mafia Oman Vanilla Townie Survived, Town Win Really neat concept that needs to be brought back. Maybe I shall do it!
Mini Theme 629: Reality Mafia babygirl86 Nerd, Town Doctor Killed during Night 3, Mafia Win Neat concept, but I think it needed to be checked a few more times for balance. Such mechanics are not going to favor town.
Diablo III: The Black Fang Albert B. Rampage Vanilla Townie Killed during Day 2, New Fang Order Win I still have no clue what the flavor in this game was about.
Hot Potato Mafia PJosarian2 Potato Factory Worker, Vanilla Townie Killed during Day 6, Mafia Win Another fun concept. Quite swingy and crazy though.
Worst Role Ideas KaleiÐoscøpe Stupid Gossipy Mafia Goon Killed during Day 1, Mafia Win? This game. What a mess. If it's inspired by the Worst Role Ideas thread in Mafia Discussion, it must be good!
Open 87: Baby Too Much Scum farside22 Vanilla Townie Lynched on Day 5, Mafia Win
Sense Motive Mafia xyzzy Vanilla Townie?? Died on Day 1, Ended Due to Broken Setup I have literally no memory of this game.
Open 81: The New c9 Rogueben Town Mason Killed during Night 4, Town/Mafia Draw
Mini Theme 674: MeatWorldish Mafia Shadowlurker Town Jailkeeper Lynched on Day 4, Serial Killer Win
Large Normal 86: mafia.gif Dead Rikimaru Town Doctor Lynched on Day 3, Japanese Mafia Win
Mini Theme 683: Intentionally Vague Mafia JDodge Mafia Witch Lynched on Day 1, Town Win What a hard-to-follow game.
Large Normal 84: Crime in Cressario SensFan Vanilla Townie ???, Mafia Win Apparently I was on the verge of being modkilled, but from what I can find such a thing never happened.
RealTime Mafia SensFan Vanilla Townie Survived, Ended Due to Modkills
Large Normal 88: Return to New Catania The Fonz Town Miller Killed during Night 3, Florida Mafia Win


Game Moderator Role Status/Result Comments
Mini Normal 1456: Revenge SoraAdvent ??? Alive, Day 1 ???

Moderated Games

NOTE: This section is also a work-in-progress and, like above, will only be consistently updated with events after 19 April 2013.


Game Status/Result Comments
Open 70: Two of Four (b9) Town Win My first game I ever moderated! I feel it was a great success and got me really enthused to moderate other games.
Large Normal 82: International Town Win My first game setup I created to be modded! I goofed up the end a little, but otherwise I thought it was a really good game! And it went surprising well, given that it had a whopping 26 players.
Mini Theme 666: This Could Be Mafia Abandoned I had Mini Game 666. The opportunity. And I abandoned the game. I'm ashamed. But it was a pretty random game while it lasted.


Game Status/Result Comments
Micro 188: Matrix6 Pre-game, in signups ???
Open Pre-game, in queue ???


Feel free to leave any comments about Chevre here.
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