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Hi ya'll! I'm mallowgeno! I hail from the Eastern US and I love mafia. I'm sorry if I seem a little peeved in games sometimes. I'm still getting used to the long days.

I LOVE Mafia! I've played many games on another site where each day is only 8 minutes.

My playstyle may be confusing to some players. I'm usually read as scum. Sometimes I make rash decisions that throw the town off (sorry). Scumhunting is not my forte. I hate having the hammer at lylo. If you play with me long enough, you'll see my inner townie shine :D

Games Played As Town:

-Newbie 965-Vanilla Townie, Win. This was my first game! I got myself lynched day 1 because I was naive.

-Newbie 971-Doctor, Loss. I PMed the mod to get replaced because I had camp. Unfortunately David Parker soft claimed doc and got himself killed.

-Mini 992 - Mafia in Handsometown-Vanilla Townie, Loss. I acted rash here by hammering Day 1. That got me lynched immediately Day 2.

-Mini 1014 - Ghostbusters Mafia-Walter Peck (Town Mass Roleblocker), Win. This game was crazy! We got a mafia lynched day 2, a confession day 3, then another mafia day 4. The doc saved the scum's night kill the first night, which was great because he was also the cop. I did bad in this game. I didn't spend enough time scum hunting. My ability was a mass roleblocker that would prevent all abilities from occurring at night. This didn't block the mafia kill however. First game I've survived till the endgame!

-Mafia 1013 - Prozacs Basic Theme-Jenny Lewis (Vanilla Townie), Loss. I was very uncontributful in this game. Turns out there was an independent third party after all.

-Open 238: Trendy and Subversive-Nurse, Loss. Got replaced Night 1 by Orochi because I was away at band camp.

-Mario and Luigi:Bowser's Inside Story-Broque Monsieur (Inventor), Loss. Night killed night 2. The mod abandoned this game. Unfortunately the town failed to lynch a single mafia. I had 4 abilities I could give other players: a kill, a protect, a roleblock, and a cop investigation (not confirmed sane). I gave the roleblock to Stranger night 1. He died night 1.

-Open 226: Big Love-Townie, Win. I replaced Xite91 in this game. Hope I make ya proud! Lynched Day 5.

-Open 260 Tit For Tat-Townie, Win. Got replaced by mykonian because I was getting too stressed and didn't want to slow the game down.

-SMBM 1: Invasion of Bowser's Castle-MA MOLE (Vanilla Townie), Win. This game was interesting. Almost all mafia died right away. It took us several days to find the last mafia. I was killed Night 6.

Games Played As Mafia:

-Mini 995 - Advance Wars: Mafia Rising-Lash (Mafia Lawyer/Stalker), Win. I had the ability to make a member of the mafia immune to being watched, tracked, and investigated. Also I could choose a player and I would learn that player's abilities and such. My static ability was that I wouldn't be seen by watchers. I fake claimed Sasha which got me lynched after FEMM, Day 2.

-Donkey Kong Mafia-King K. Rool (Mafia godfather), Win. Two modkills made this game easy to win.

-Newbie 989 - Dead Serious-Mafia Goon, Win. I hammered waaay to early day 1. That did me in. We still won though! Great job Gandalf!

-Open 256 Fire and Ice Mafia-Fire Goon, Loss. I got lynched day 4 and my partner got lynched the next day.

-Newbie 1505-Mafia Goon, Win. I survived a game for once as mafia. Need to stop lurking though.

Ongoing Games:

Modded Mafia Games:

-Open 266 Pie E7-Mafia Win!

-Execution Mafia-Mafia Win!

-Execution Mafia 2: Days of Cold War-Mafia Win!

-(Link)-Mafia Win!

-Super Vanilla-Mafia Win!

Modded Mishmash Games:

(As of 7/14/11 I have started keeping ratings on some games which can be found [Here])

-Coin Game Original-Ahh the first game I ever modded on MS. This was quite a hit so I've hosted a few more. Framm 18 won this one.

-Coin Game; Basic Version-Players wanted a version without any twists so soon after the first coin game I hosted this one. Millar13 pulled off a win in this one.

-Coin Game ALL STARS-I invited the five best players from my two previous coin games to partake in the most difficult version of the Coin Game yet. Two declined so CSL and vezokpiraka took their spots. Sadly they didn't last very long as they were the first two to get eliminated. It was close but in the end animorpherv1 stole the win.

-(Link)-Players teamed up to attempt to capture the win in this crazy love game. Our winners were CSL and DarkLightA.

-Fluxx Game 4-Jeffcole1 won his second game here. This game doesn't have a name yet.

-(Link)-Players chose an answer to a situation. If they chose the popular answer, they were eliminated. Framm18 and SharkFinn were the victors here.

-(Link)-KageLord wins! Game of deception with two sides: good and evil. Good=Wizard, Keyholder, and guards. Evil=Wizard and traitor.

-Mafia Duel-This game failed due to players not being active. StrangerCoug and Jimfinn were the only ones to not lose a single life.

-(Link)-Cogito Ergo Sum wins! By the final round, only 2 players submitted...

-Endurance: Nintendo Style-Orange Team (CSL and gandalf5166) was the victor! Yellow Team (Lady Lambdadelta and KageLord) were very close to winning.

-Super Pokerumble 3-I tried a variant of Pokerumble with 8 players instead of 6. After 9 long rounds gandalf5166 won!

-(Link)-Twistedspoon carried away the victory here against Blackberry in the final round!

-Survivor: Mafia-Survivor game with the twist of everyone having an ability. Drench pulls away with the win against jmj3000, 5-3!

-Coin Game: Duel-Twist on the typical coin game, players started out with 1000 coins AND 100 duel tokens. Bottom two players paid duel tokens. Whoever paid lower was eliminated, survivor kept coins spent in that round. Meransiel was the winner!

-Word Morph-Tortuous failure of a game. My apologies. JDGA wins!

-Coin Game-Quilford easily beats out a win against Ravel.

-Mario Party Scum-Ani and Xalxe win!

-Fantasy Survivor Blood VS Water-DiplomatDC is the victor!

-Mario Endurance

-Mafia Scum Classic Arcade

-Family Game Night