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9959.png This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

About Mykonian

I've always believe it takes a certain narcissistic streak to make a wiki page. So with 8 years and counting here, it was time to tell you all about myself and how I play mafia.

I've found this site as I love to play games and I love games with interaction with people. Mafia is a great playground to affect other people and see how they respond. As with many things, I have fixed beliefs as to how things should be done (whether that is attainable or not is another thing). Stubborn adherence to a playstyle that moves me in the spotlight and creates ripples in the game has not served me well on MS, but I'll leave this site someday believing it's the right way to play the game.

As a mod, a sitechat moderator and a NRG member I have attempted to give back to this wonderful place that has given me enjoyment, but also a practice place for my poor English and an introduction to foreign culture. Hope we can help another for a little longer.



Alignment Won Lost Winrate
Town 24 30 44%
Mafia 8 8 50%
3P 0 1 0%
Overall 32 39 45%

Personal Result

Alignment Lynched D1 Lynched D2 Lynched After Nightkilled (good) Crosskilled Survived
Town 8 9 9 11 0 16
Mafia 0 2 7 0 1 6