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I love everywhere I see you. You are very well reasoned even if we do not always agree. If there was a definition for friendly intelligent civil discourse, it would be mastina.

Star Wars: Rogue One

Alignment: Mafia.

I think that flow chart she posted is her being a cheeky fuck. She came in the game swinging like she fucking owned the place and said people were town and scum based off of RVS which I'm still thinking is loaded with fallacy. The thing that fucks me up the most is that when I think of this game, Mastina isn't the center of attention or who I think of at first thought. Honestly that concerns me with Mastina being one of the most verbose players in MS that ever played.
--TheRealGin-N-Tonic (Rogue Crew v1)

i don't think of mastin as someone big on "interaction" as i think you probably mean it here. she's more someone that just pushes down on the throttle to her reads and that's it.

but that's not my methodology here. my read on mastin is based on my assessment that i think mastin has legit reads. (fyi, i don't use mastin's flowchart. there are a few exceptions but most of the time, the second you acknowledge what's part of your scum/town meta, it's a bunch of shit.)

tth thinks mastin's scum because she thinks mastin's manipulating me, which i understand but i don't think i agree with. i feel like if that were the case, i'd see stuff cropping up elsewhere (bad pushes on non-scummy people, diversion of attention away from scummy people).
--Antihero (Rouge Crew v1)
strong, premature reads is something she does

arrogance is also something she does. ftr, i don't say that in a malicious way. it just is what it is.

i've seen mastin waffle and change her mind, but i haven't known her to factor in lots of uncertainty when formulating reads
--Antihero (Rogue Crew v1)


i guess i had that coming after jk9++ (Referencing this game)
--Antihero (chat)

You have a lot more influence than the average player, that's for sure
--Infinity 324 [1]
I think the end result of your posts comes out pretty good :) It's like every post is a dramatic speech.
--Infinity 324 [2]

Well played Mastina!
--Nachomamma8 [3]

Mastina did a great job.
--ThinkBig [4]

I'm glad mastina pulled it out in the end.
--zefiend [5]

Good job taking it home Mastin.
--MagnaofIllusion [6]

Mafia Thread

It's good to see we're still on the same wavelength, Mastina <3 <3 <3
--Pine [7]

If you don't win this game I'll be an upset warrior
--TheRealGin-N-Tonic [8]

holy fuck I'm glad mastina is scum with us.
--zefiend [9]
Congrats mastina. You deserve all the credit.
--ɀefiend [10]

Dead Thread

town is mega screwed
--SirCakez (upon learning my alignment)

ive never seen mastin play scum this way
--Desperado [11]

I think mastins strat is actually optimal
--Infinity 324 [12]

mastina just outplayed me
--Antihero [13]
i can't wait to read the scum PT. this will be the first scum PT i will actually READ instead of just control+f my name to stroke my own ego.
--Antihero [14]

Mastina is playing TWIE like a fiddle.
--Nero Cain, reposting ThinkBig. [15]


Alignment: Town.

Looking forward to you breaking this game open :D
--Mathblade (upon learning of my replace-in)

Dead Thread

mastina should really shake the game up
town might have a chance now
--SirCakez (upon learning of my replace-in)

I love KMD, Mastina, and even Almost/Chara. God fucking bless RAW and bless this game.
--Narna [16]

lol mastina
--DodgeTheSaint (upon activation of mason-execution on scum)

Mastina destroyed you, lol.
---Grey- (to malpascp)

I did want to thank you for coming into the game rather late.

I hope you didn't read the entire game just to live for only one day phase.
--KuroiXHF [17]
You've also brought the slot some damn justice.
--KuroiXHF [18]

No one in Raw caught scum aside from Mastina
--Vifam [19]

The Mystery at King's Landing

House Bolton is that one player for me that just looks town as fuck; sometimes in a game there's just one player who looks very genuine and very transparent in basically everything that they do and House Bolton has been that player for me all the way. I understand how people can view him as slimy due to how he's been reaching out to townreads and voting who townreads want him to vote, but his explanation as to why he's adopted the extreme pragmatism method and still developing in-depth cases on people but letting strong townreads dictate where he ends up voting seems like such a garbage strategy for scum (no real ability to guide lynches away from partners, less cred when bussing).
--House Dondarrion.

Alignment: Mafia.

I actually went through the effort of reading Bolton posts. I don't agree with many stances with the person, but I kind of think their behavior and thoughts are more town mindset than scum.
--House Tully I.
Bolton is only one allowed to wall.
--House Tully I.
You are talking about relevant topics. You push game forward.
--House Tully I.

Bolton's last posts show that at least he tries. I can see that Bolton is willing to engage in conversation.
--House Arryn I.

I like Greyjoy's Arryn reasoning, but I prefer Martell. Especially when you think about how Bolton is probtown.
--House Connington.

As much as I disliked their initial vote on Reed, Bolton has on balance been really transparent and open about their reads, which I think outweighs the scum vibes I got initially.
--House Baratheon.
I find Bolton's posting style incredibly frustrating, but this is the kind of thing I'm talking about when I say that Bolton is being really transparent about their reads and how they are evolving as the game progresses.
--House Baratheon.
I'm definitely feeling Arryn, Clegane, Bolton as town
--House Baratheon.

There are two things that I liked about this opening; one, I liked the way that they worded the townread on House Tully. I feel that scum sometimes like to use townreads as a way to pocket people (get a mutual townread back), and so saying that House Tully "sent an arse of a representative" seems like a bad way to go about doing that. I liked their attack on House Connington.
--House Dondarrion, on House Bolton's opening posting.
I liked this post; again with the "when scum try to townread people they try to pocket them" reasoning, but this seems too hamfisted if their intent is to townread Clegane to get a townread back.
--House Dondarrion.
House Bolton and House Clegane are my strongest townreads from early game because their scumhunting seemed the most genuine. House Bolton had some genuine interactions with townreads, and I also find the modkill accusation to be something that is more likely to come from town than scum.
--House Dondarrion.
House Bolton continues to impress; I'm finding that I like their coldly logical approach to voting thus far (extremely aggressive pursuit of consolidation early) and think it's more likely that they'd take a fluid approach as scum; they're clearly able and willing to make large-scale cases as demonstrated by 249 so dropping the policy would put them in a better position to drive mislynches on townies who they feel are playing weak games. It's also a policy that takes away all chances of them getting any real cred from a scum lynch; they can have scum in their suspects and they can case them and they can vote them, but there's a very accessible argument when they do so that they were forced into it by their policy, and I think that's a place that Bolton wouldn't want to find themselves as scum. As far as points that aren't completely nebulous go, I thought their case at 249 was Bolton sticking their neck out pretty far for the Reed push early and find the points they were pushing genuine; I pointed out my problems with the "said they can't differentiate between fluff and content and then totally did" point, but it seems like an odd angle to take as scum.
--House Dondarrion.
I don't think that he was at all trying to create answers where there weren't any; his response was that he thought that Connington, as town, wouldn't be likely to point out a rule break from a townread because he wouldn't want his townread to get nightkilled plus a ton of roleplaying, and I don't think that roleplaying is scummy. I agree that Bolton's attack on Connington was ridiculous, but I don't think that it was a push made with bad intentions; no way that scum makes that push and is simultaneously aware of the ridiculousness of it.
--House Dondarrion.
I liked this reasoning; the logical response for Seaworth here is to vote him, and I find it fairly unlikely that scum would be pestering town to vote them at this point.
--House Dondarrion.
I think that it's a strange move regardless of Bolton's alignment; I don't think it's logical for them to spend that much time crafting a case just to "appease you", especially when your major concern seems to be that their scumreads aren't fleshed out enough and in the same post Bolton votes a different scumread. The only thing that makes sense to me is that they are specifically trying to keep to the "pragmatism" talk that they laid out at the beginning of the day.
--House Dondarrion.
I understand and will respect your position in honor of my incredibly strong early townread on you.
--House Dondarrion.
Bolton doesn't fit in that group at all - they have reads on those players that aren't null, they do stand up for what they believe in, saying that they've been coasting is laughable, they have moved from wagon to wagon frequently but have explanations for those pushes and did vote Baratheon.
--House Dondarrion, RE: House Reed II's accusations.

House Martell is satisfied and thanks its Northern ally.
--House Martell.

House Bolton feels town in our common vernacular (gut) but feels scummy to our scientists (brain), sort of like House Bolton sells snake oil.
--House Reed II.

I thought that their early reasoning seemed to come from a town place
--House Tyrell; Garlan head.

Clegane seems town separate of that, as does Bolton.
--House Arryn II.

Look my position in this game is crystal clear. I'm going to follow the Clegane/Bolton/Greyjoy townblock.
--House Seaworth.

So far townreads on Bolton and Reed
--House Frey II.


Scum could have actually have felt threatened by Bolton.

If that's the case, that's fucking hilarious.
--House Clegane.
Martell's kind of fallen off the face of the earth and I feel disoriented on my read there because I got so caught up with sorting gunsmith stuff so that might be worth revisiting [especially with Bolton's really really strong defense there, that seems like something mastin would do with a scummate].
--House Clegane.
Bolton was in such a good position.
I strongly strongly believe mastina would hard defend a scummate there feeling like she could get away with it and try to redirect attention elsewhere.
--House Clegane.
Bolton was not in a weak position. Stop focusing on your reads. Everyone else was townreading Bolton.
--House Clegane.
mastina is on an ego-trip with scum.
I can see her throwing her cred on the line with an over the top defense of Martell.
--House Clegane.
I think you misunderstand my mastina ego-trip reference. She just got out of a game where the strategy was literally to not bus scummates ever under any circumstances. And it worked and she called it "the best scumgame she's ever had". Given the lengths she went to hide who she was and the amount of people townreading her, I feel very very strongly that she would advocate for defending scummates rather than seriously pushing them.
--House Clegane.

I mean to be fair it's a hilariously stupid kill in general, but Bolton claimed weak protective and will have to explain what she is after jailkeep flip, so getting rid of confirmed town and blocking doctor just in case is almost certainly the right move.
--House Dondarrion, on the scum's night action incompetency.
Bolton went above and beyond to mitigate scumreads on Martell; that's not how Mastina defends a scum partner as a traitor basically ever.
--House Dondarrion, on the scum's night action incompetency.
This is a word salad, every single player in the game believed Tully's claim except for House Arryn and you are saying that House Bolton believing the claim = Greyjoy scum. That's not a good line of thought.
Like right now you are calling Greyjoy scum for Bolton believing a very believable claim and then answering questions related to it - you're ignoring context and using that to feed an incorrect narrative.
--House Dondarrion, on the ludicrous idea House Reed II had proposed. (Dondarrion was right.)
The alternative is that scum protected town from the nightkill, and, since I know Mastina is not an atrocious player, didn't happen.
--House Dondarrion.

Bolton was in a strong town position, that's why scum killed him.
--House Seaworth.
If you're town, Reed, scum ignored your scumread on Bolton and shot their own fucking traitor. That's how little they think of you, if you're town. This isn't opinion, this is fact.
--House Seaworth.
Given Bolton's iso, Baratheon is town. Just like I said Day 1.
--House Seaworth.
Bolton doesnt bus Baratheon.
--House Seaworth.
I have demonstrated on page 17 how Bolton jumped in to save Arryn, again when Reed and I went after him.
--House Seaworth.
If Bolton lynches scum, he risks being NK'd (what a twist).

His strategy is to never bus and to assist from behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, he was so townread, and scum felt safe enough to NK someone who wasn't threatening them, that they killed him anyway.

It's not viable for Bolton to bus or distance with any of his buddies.
--House Seaworth.
It also doesn't make sense that Mastin was trying to throw him under the bus when Arryn was in danger.
--House Seaworth.

I think I just wanted to make a point there that Bolton was damned if he did, damned if he didn't at that point. I don't think future Bolton gets away with claiming an odd-night doc after a JK claim.
--House Martell.

We believe that this is Bolton attempting to signal their true nature to one of their unsuspecting buddies.
--House Tyrell; Garlan head.
Because 50% of the words in Bolton's iso are 'betrayal', 'traitor', 'treachery' and further derivations thereof and she literally flipped mafia traitor and of fucking course mastina would try to signal to her partners as a traitor


It was such an important piece of fluffy throwaway roleplay that Bolton specifically told Stark to go back and reread her first post. You can see exactly how much fun she was having with the role.

Like, holy crap.
--House Tyrell; Garlan head.
You might have more in-game experience with mastina than I do, but from what I know of her it seems like an exact fit for her ego. Also I think it's only confusing if you don't know that Stark is scum, which is kind of a perfect cover.
--House Tyrell; Garlan head.
Well trolled, mastina.
--House Tyrell; Garlan head.

I could even see Stark being scum with mastina crumbing to them.
--House Reed II.

*raises eyebrows* Are you seriously suggesting that Mastina would claim a protecting PR without crumbling to their buddies that she was the traitor? Because Mastina is good. There is no way what she would do is not calculated somehow.
--House Frey II.

Dead Thread

I think this traitor was playing so townie they just ended up being a very good NK. This, plus the scum team is p convinced that their traitor is someone else (as would I in their shoes). Though the real one did drop a bunch of hints as well.
--Ser Arthur Dayne.
I think you both played well!
--Ser Arthur Dayne.
Maybe your bussing Baratheon is gonna work.
--Ser Arthur Dayne.
I think Mastina for the first pages I thought was dancing weird around her vote, but holy did she town it up as Day 1 went under way.
--Ser Arthur Dayne.

and then kuroi flipped jailkeeper. Which means. That she was very probably lying. And even if she was NOT lying, then there's a day 2 push you can plausibly get on board with, especially if you just roleblock her to shut down any "protective" action, so any claim she makes looks like total bullshit. lolwolves indeed
--mhsmith0, on the stupidity of the Bolton nightkill.
Yeah getting fucked over by stuff out of your control sucks

Now if Mastin would have made it to day two and cleared baratheon like planned, that would have been a strong traitor signal, but that kind of thing couldn't have happened until day two.

Mastina you have every right to yell at me. #fail
Mastina did good.
Could we have won if we didn't shoot Mastina. Yes.

mastina, you really got hit bad by this. It was disappointing to see you go.


Bolton was in an extremely dominant position and played the best scum game of his life, but he's too arrogant to understand that he took too much risk just to kill Mormont. If he had taken less risk, and not soft claimed, he would have lived, and scum would have been infinitely stronger. Bolton, as the best scum player on his team, made one mistake in an otherwise pefect game and ate an NK for it.
--Albert B. Rampage.

I just messed up shooting Bolton. Mastina had a great game just ugh.

mastina didn't do anything wrong. If the scumteam cannot realize the amount of betrayal in her ISO, that's their problem not hers. They were told to look for it.

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