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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

My first experience in forum mafia has been in Nov 2005. I like to play pro-town roles.

}|{opa's Game Stats

Alignment Wins Losses Survived
All 3 5 3
Town 3 5 3
Mafia 0 0 0
Other 0 0 0

Completed 8 games
Currently Alive in 2 games
Currently Dead in 1 games
Replaced into 4 games
Replaced out of 1 games
Total games = 11

}|{opa's Mafiascum Game List

Road to Rome

Comment Game Role Moderator Join Fate Status
I'm loose :( because of acute hallucinatory paranoia syndrom. Totally my fault - I let the good townie being lynched and did not recognize holycon being the last scum. Newbie 959 VT Vel-Rahn Koon Replaced flashstorm on N1 Killed N4 Mafia Win
I had made only 1 post in this game. Mini 1029 VT Danakillsu Replaced cloudocean on D2 Killed N2 Mafia Win
How dare! They lynched ME! Fie shame! Not my fault - towns was idiots this time. Open 248: Two of Four VT Fenchurch From scratch Lynched D1 Mafia Win
That was almost perfect party. Extra short and ended at my 24th birthday. Newbie 1068 VT zoraster From scratch Survived Town Win
The game was rigged from the start. Obv town got modkilled and McGriddle. Nuff said. Newbie 1098 VT Sotty7 From scratch End gamed Mafia Win
Star scumteam of Nachomamma8 and GreyICE destroyed newb town. Newbie 1079 VT Equinox Replaced bristep123 on D1 Killed N1 Mafia Win
We did it! Open 295: C9++ VT Nobody Special From scratch Killed N4 Town Win
My first time as IC. No one townie was killed thanks to jailer Bulvious and Maziek. Newbie 1109 VT Tasky From scratch Survived Town Win
Newbie 1159 VT Equinox Replaced out and went back Killed N2 Undecided

Moving Day Shelter > Marathon Games (not counted)

Game Role Moderator Join Fate Status
Bait and Switch Tracker Hoopla Joined Killed N2 TOWN WIN
Kai's Dethy Paranoid Cop Kairyuu Joined Endgamed TOWN WIN
Childhood Mafia Cop GroupThink Joined Lynched D1 MAFIA WIN

}|{opa's Roles

Prefer to be an Investigator. J Investigative opt16.gif

I was a Cop in two recent (2010 spring) off-site big games (no, no, no these ^^^ are maraphon = on-site, small and shitty) and both times town win. That's how lucky I am. To be continued... I lose 3 times in a row (on mafiascum ^^^, see?)! (And to be honest I personally screwed up one Newbie 1004 <- DO NOT CLICK) Me ----> :\ sad :| sad :/ sad :( sad. (Winter 2010-2011) I win two times playing for the Law at the's Mafia (<- famous Russian game site). Eeee! Law & Order! March 18, my birthday and my first winned newbie game! ... Beware, I will continue to fill this section with illiterate crap. I shall not be ashamed.