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"Anti-Town" is a term used to describe play or players that hinder the Town's ability to achieve their Win Condition of hunting down the scum. For example, lurking, self-voting, and claiming without reason are usually considered to be anti-Town behavior. There is often debate in a mafia game about the question of if someone's anti-town behavior is inherently scummy - that is, if it implies that the person acting in an anti-town way is more likely to be scum because of it, or if it's just a sign of poor play dragging the Town down.

Roles can be inherently anti-Town; specifically, any role or faction whose Win Condition is to kill off all pro-Town players is such. The most common anti-Town role is the Mafia Goon.

In addition to killing all the pro-Town roles, most third-party anti-Town roles also need to kill off any other anti-Town players in the game. The most common third-party anti-Town role is the Serial Killer.

Anti-Town roles or factions are commonly referred to collectively as Scum.