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Express Pensively Your Cartoon

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Express Pensively Your Cartoon is a game of TELEPHONE PICTIONARY run by Ether in June/July 2017. The acronym doesn't mean anything gross, it doesn't mean anything at all. Let's never speak of it again.

The Player List

The Chains

A. RadiantCowbells's Chain
B. DeathRowKitty's Chain
C. Who's Chain
D. N's Chain
E. SleepyKrew's Chain
F. Max's Chain
G. zoraster's Chain
H. MortFeld's Chain
I. notachipmunk's Chain
J. GuyInFreezer's Chain
K. ConManMick's Chain
L. Panzerjager's Chain
M. Shaziro's Chain
N. implosion's Chain
O. McMenno's Chain
P. Felissan's Chain
Q. Draynth's Chain
R. Frozen Angel's Chain
S. Annadog40's Chain
T. randomidget's Chain