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Express Pensively Your Cartoon/Chain H

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Chain H: MortFeld's Chain

MortFeld - Phrase

The rabbi was nervous about the monkey on his back, so he put his medicine in the freezer.

ConManMick - Picture

Telepyc H1.jpg

Panzerjager - Phrase

A baboon attempts to sink in a rear naked choke on a jewish super hero in black slacks and a blue yarmulke, while our intrepid hero tries to put vodka in a microwave.

implosion - Picture

Telepyc H2.png

randomidget - Phrase

Jewish superhero wrestles a gibbon while drinking vodka in his kitchen

GuyInFreezer - Picture

Telepyc H3.png

Who - Phrase

A ninja gets into a barfight with a monkey.

DeathRowKitty - Picture

Telepyc H4.png

Draynth - Phrase

A ninja and a monkey fight over a pint

Postie - Picture

Telepyc H5.png

Annadog40 - Phrase

The Ninja and bear force push the sad beer in a test of wills towards the other.

Max - Picture

Telepyc H6.jpeg

RadiantCowbells - Phrase

Sad sandbag bears the brunt of the titanic conflict between Tibbers and Kennen.

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