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My name is Who. You may have heard of me from either my successful career in baseball where I play first base, or from my animal rights activism where I let the dogs out. I also play mafia, where, in the words of many people, "Who is innocent". Here I will list some of the games I have played. Given how the only games which count towards my W/L are ones which appear here, and I am the one putting them here, I will only put games where I won here because fuck it, I don't care what my W/L is and will keep it hidden from anyone who doesn't care enough to go and dig through all my games, which is probably everyone. So, a list of (Some) of the games I have won:


Now I just have to go win some games so that I can put them here. (For the record, I have won in the past, I simply don't feel that those games are worthy of my wiki page)