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Express Pensively Your Cartoon/Chain I

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Chain I: notachipmunk's Chain

notachipmunk - Phrase

Cheetahs are everyone's favorite pets.

implosion - Picture

Telepyc I1.png

ConManMick - Phrase

The feral gingerbread men mistook the housecat for a leopard and pursued it

MortFeld - Picture

Telepyc I2.png

McMenno - Phrase

Two angry gingerbread men chase a cat over a highway under the full moon while one talks about a cheetah head.

DeathRowKitty - Picture

Telepyc I3.png

Shaziro - Phrase

A gingerbread couple walks their cat while one harasses the other about the cheetah that ate part of his face

Draynth - Picture

Telepyc I4.jpg

Who - Phrase

The half-eaten gingerbread couple walks their dog.

Bellaphant - Picture

Telepyc I5.png

Postie - Phrase

1.5 orange aliens with purple spots walk a dog down a path through the lush, puke-green grass

chamber - Picture

Telepyc I6.png

Max - Phrase

Aliens versions of Argos (who've just discovered purple eyeliner and fake tan) walk their dog through the green green grass of home.

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