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Frozen Angel

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26900.png This user plays Mafia. (Talk)
^ Me , yeah I'm the Frozen Angel ...(if she is not moving go to the file description page - it's the full animation, not just my old avatar)

About Frozen Angel

She is a scummer who you won't ever read correctly! [And she is back XD]

"we need to lynch you because you're one of the few players on this site who if you're scum I can't catch you no matter what" Accountant

"You are definitely town, I shouldn't say this though from reading some games were players have called you definitely town and were burned, but thats how I feel." Fire Bringer

"Getting two people right as a tracker is an achievement. ... Well played. Very underrated performance." Chiledtea

"FA, your scumgame has improved a great deal, good job!" Klingoncelt

"voting fa was a boring option which i would never endorse" zMuffinMan

"Town suffered from an alarming lack of cohesion, probably because the one player who was both capable of being a town leader and had the arguments and reads to effectively lead the town was scum." Something_Smart

"*maybe* you, personally, didn't deserve to lose, but the rest of your faction did. Fair enough FA?" Cerberus v666 - post gistou

Currently ongoing games

Game Type Name / ID MOD Entry Status Since Current phase
Mini Themed NY213 Ircher Replaced Davesaz D1 Alive Fri Jun 15, 2018 N1

Statistics and game History

Win Rates Overall

Prefer to be a Pro-Town Player. J townie opt16.gif

    • These statistics are only about my games on Mafia Scum.
Alignment Win Loose Winrate
Town 9 15 38%
Mafia 7 2 78%
Cult 0 1 0%
3P 1 1 50%
Overall 17 19 47%

3p : Survivor , Jester

Game Types Win Loose Winrate
Newbie 1 1 50%
Open 2 1 67%
Micro 5 3 63%
Mini Normal 3 3 50%
Mini Themed 5 3 63%
Large Themed 0 5 0%
Blitz 1 3 25%
Overall 17 19 47%

For seeing my finished games, please see the "Game Archive" tab.

Graffiti (Put a Comment in here!)

Somewhat insulted I am not here.....I see how it is FA. I am just going to leave now. -Firebringer

sorry :( I just hadn't enough time! don't be mad at me :( -FA

Hi to my best friend - J

WOW, Hello Jeanne :) -FA

I am rocking the world - Claude

Are you?! :) -FA

(Rose Quartz was here)

Rose Quartz (both of them) want you to cheer up. :(

I'll try , Promise -FA

You're a great person FA, I get the feeling you are often very aware of your actions and are probably very critical of yourself, know that you're a great contribution to the site and don't be so harsh on yourself :) -wgeurts

I just read this , ty :] It means a lot to me that you wrote this. <3 I'm trying to live , and I'm serious about it this time! Trying to make my world a better place and call myself a better person. -FA

Welcome back to the site! I hope you are well. :) -123456789