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Express Pensively Your Cartoon/Chain J

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Chain J: GuyInFreezer's Chain

GuyInFreezer - Phrase

Rocks are rockin', books are bookin', and fans are fannin'.

Annadog40 - Picture

Telepyc J1.jpg

RadiantCowbells - Phrase

Cool stumps listen to power metal as the books threaten them with guns and the fans sway in the breeze.

Draynth - Picture

Telepyc J2.jpg

MortFeld - Phrase

A stereo, two tree stumps, a fan, and a revolver - these were the detective's clues.

Postie - Picture

Telepyc J3.png

SleepyKrew - Phrase

The perplexed investigator had narrowed the murder weapon down to a few possibilities: a boombox, a fan, a pair of treestumps, or a gun.

Panzerjager - Picture

Telepyc J4.png

randomidget - Phrase

the man with the top hat and eyepatch is confused by the stereo, gun and nuclear powerplant

Shaziro - Picture

Telepyc J5.png

Dwlee99 - Phrase

The man was confused as a gun jams out to the song "Silent scream" by the Band Nuclear

DeathRowKitty - Picture

Telepyc J6.png

McMenno - Phrase

Moustache man wonders why the gun is dancing.

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