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Player on I left the site in 2008 suddenly - but came back in 2010 and started playing games again.

I'm a regular mishmasher, although I like to play mafia too.

My name is usually abbreviated to Moo.

Mafia Games

Game Moderator Start Date End Date Role Won/Lost/Drew Player Status Notes
Newbie 667 ChannelDelibird 19th August 2008 14th September 2008 Townie Won Lynched Day 4 First Game. CDB was a great mod. The town blindly followed this one guy and his theories, then someone else did a oppurtunistic hammer. Next day, he's lynched and flips scum, the remaining scum claims cop and we work out he's lying on day 5. Good game.
Mini 669 Cream147 7th September 2008 26th November 2008 Watcher Game Abandoned (Draw) Survived Game was abandoned soon after night 1 - mod disappeared.
Mini 675 - Kingdom Mafia windkirby 21st September 2008 31st October 2008 Townie Lost Lynched Day 2 Played like an inbred. Hammered stupidly on day 1 then got lynched for it on day 2. Town was confused and the scum slipped behind and won.
Open 220 - Friends and Enemies semioldguy 25th May 2010 24th September 2010 Mason Won Killed Night 3 SLOWEST. GAME. EVER. The three masons got killed on the first three nights. Reading back through the game, I found that my initial instinct for the scum had been correct, which I was pleased about. But no-one listened to me, and I couldn't be bothered with such a slow game. Mod eventually abandoned but the result was still a town win.
Mini 997 - Mafita in Acapulco, Mexico Shepherd_of_Wolves 25th May 2010 30th June 2010 Deputy Won Survived Had a weird role, essentially a tracker that always targets the cop. Had to claim on day 1 after being pushed to L-1, then the cop was killed Night 1. I was pretty much confirmed from then. The scum kept me alive in a attempt to lynch me, but got lynched on day 2 and 3.

Modded Games

> Mini 1063 - Pointlessville.

MishMash Games

Game Moderator Game Description Won/Lost/Drew Notes
The Resistance yabbaguy Mafia mutation. Leaders chose people who they think are resistance (town) and hope they don't sabotage a mission. Won I was Empire (scum). Despite coming up against so early scum reads on me, I used my scum-mates as meatshields and got the towns trust, ultimately winning the game for the empire.

Other Stuffs