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EPYC: Chains of Glory/Chain 10

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Chain 10: Andrius' Chain

10. Andrius - Phrase

"Lord Voldemort bakes pastries in the Breadcrumb Bakery."

9. Equinox - Picture


25. Shanba - Phrase

"The pale gaunt man sells strange and malevolent magical items and cakes."

26. TheBadOne - Picture


40. Moospiker - Phrase

"Wands kill but bread makes you thin."

33. Chevre - Picture


28. Porochaz - Phrase

"Wizard kills the inventor of the anti-Atkins diet."

29. StrangerCoug - Picture


2. Kitoari - Phrase

"Merlin has become a loose cannon!"

14. Robocopter87 - Picture


39. Mina - Phrase

"Who needs Avada Kedavra when you have a gun?"

1. Fenchurch - Picture


17. Umbrage - Phrase

"Fed up with all this sissy magic bullcrap, Harry decides to go all Rambo on Voldemort."

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