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EPYC: Chains of Glory/Chain 11

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Chain 11: horrordude0215's Chain

34. horrordude0215 - Phrase

"The prairie dogs ate Michael Jackson's teddy bear, so he ate them."

18. populartajo - Picture


30. Jahudo - Phrase

"Michael Jackson commands his pointy dog army to nom nom nom."

31. implosion - Picture


21. Charlie - Phrase

"Thirteen sheep receiving orders to eat hamburgers from a naked singing herdsman."

22. inHimshallibe - Picture


23. mith - Phrase

"The shepherd sings about a cheeseburger for his headless flock."

27. Furry - Picture


11. gandalf5166 - Phrase

"Jesus loves cheeseburgers, and thinks his followers should eat them too."

35. Nikanor - Picture


38. bvoigt - Phrase

"Jesus and the Pope give each other thumbs up, while Jesus eats a hamburger."

5. KittyMo - Picture


12. tanstalas - Phrase

"Jesus and the Pope do a commercial for eating beef; they agree it is awesome."

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