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Open Setup Design Contest 2015 Winners:

The Open Setup Design Contest 2015 was a setup designing contest run by LlamaFluff as to stimulate people in make new and exciting Open Setups. It was run in a thread on the MafiaScum forums, found here: Setup Design Contest 2015 Thread.

For this contest anyone could submit a single setup for each gamesize: Micro, Mini and Large. These were then judged by a group of reviewers including LlamaFluff, the Open Queue Listmod, which then decided which setup was deemed the best in each size. The factors involved in judging the setups were: Balance, Replay ability, Originality and Fun. Balance was the most influential factor and fun and originality being the least.

Setup Sizes

The setup sizes used on the MafiaScum forums are as followed:

  • Micro: 3-9 players.
  • Mini: 10-13 players.
  • Large 14+ players.


These setups were the runner ups in the contest:




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