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General Information

This category has been made for the convenience of everyone who wants to learn how to mod or want to learn more about modding. There should be information for everyone here, from new prospective modders to experienced veterans. This section however doesn't contain a lot of in-depth information about the setups part of the job. To get more information on that go to: Setups Main Page.

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What is a moderator?

A moderator is the name given to a person running and hosting a game of mafia on Mafia Scum. They are the ones that make things run by making vote counts, resolving actions and sometime even make flavour for you to enjoy. Without them nothing would happen so we are lucky to have so many willing members to mod a game, so many we've had to organise them all into queues.

How do I become a moderator?

First you must meet all requirements for the specific queue you want to mod in. For all the requirements see here. If you meet all requirements then go to the queue's thread and follow the instructions often found in the first post by the list mod.

What's a list mod?

A list mod is someone who spends their time making sure that rules are kept and that the queues run smoothly, without them it would be a chaotic system so be respectful of the fact they are willing to dedicate time for the community.


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