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Kill All Townies

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  • Kill all Townies
Setup Size:
  • 17
Setup Type:
Notes: This setup came first in the category "Large Setups" in the Open Setup Design Contest 2015.

Kill All Townies is a setup made and designed by BBmolla in the open setups discussion thread. It is unique for its increasing elimination mechanic off which it is based.

The setup was given an additional two vanilla town members in May 2016 in an attempt to solve balance issues


  • Mafia Goon
  • Mafia Godfather
  • Mafia Doctor
  • Werewolf Goon
  • Alpha Werewolf (Godfather)
  • Werewolf Doctor
  • Town Cop
  • Town Seer
  • Town Vigilante
  • 8 VT's


  • This setup uses a Daystart.
  • If one Town, one Mafia and one Werewolf remain, the Day phase is skipped with a No Elimination.
  • The game starts with one elimination on Day 1. For all following Days, the number of eliminations available is equal to the number of Town-aligned roles killed in the last Night.


Open 600 - (Werewolf Win)
Open 610 - (Mafia Win)
Open 643 - (Werewolf Win)
Open 690 - (Werewolf Win)