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All Setups:


All setups on the MafiaWiki can be found here, sorted either by size or one of the following three categories:

  • Semi-Open: In this category you will find setups in which the players know that certain specific roles may be used, but not which ones their game contains.
  • Multiball: In this category you will find setup in which more than one anti-town faction is present, containing at least 2 members (with the exception of a Serial Killer).
  • Royal: In this category you will find all setups similar to Assassin in the Palace (A.I.T.P.), which differs from regular Mafia as there exists an informed majority instead of an informed minority.

Setup Sizes

The setup sizes used on the MafiaScum forums are as followed:

  • Micro: 3-9 players.
  • Mini: 10-13 players.
  • Large 14+ players.

Micro Setups

Mini Setups

Large Setups


Semi-Open Setups

Multiball Setups

Royal Setups