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About Shadoweh

My name's Shadoweh! It's v Canadian! Let's be honest you already know who I am though b/c the only reason you would check my wiki is if I linked it to you. Otherwise I'm completely unremarkable. Totally not stealing the formating for this from anyone I swear. Also not drunbk while typing this,. i have no idea why its doing this thing wioth the contends but it's 7am so im not gonna fix it!!!!! THX 2 KITTY MEOW ADN TWIERCY 4 FIXING EVERYTHING


Oh I saw some questions and stuff oon other wikis so wheeee

Age: Nope

Hobby: Mofia, Rawlplaying, Bad Romance, Survivor, Tank Survivor

Favorite Character: Yuuka Kazami, obviously

Favorite Role: All of them! I'm not picky. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME VT! The stranger the better! Mimic was great.


Some Games That Happened and Stuff

Vampire: The Masquerade Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme GreyICE Town Commuter Replaced Day 3 Endgamed Mafia Win
Okay look. I'm VERY IMPULSIVe okay?! Well, when I replaced in the game was quite a clusterfuck. Four people died the previous night, one of them scum. (by their own mismanagement of the blood mechanic!) One partner was easy to peg off of interactions. The second.. honestly should have been simple too but Spyrex tricked me into thinking he'd targetted me with a night action and I quickhammered the other town before thinking too hard on how that action made NO SENSE. I attribute this to mafia causing temporary brain damage.

The Fall of Gondolin

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Plum Secret Way Conspiracy Scum Shieldrender Started Lynched Day 3 Town Win
Despite our Very Confident and Competent Scumteam, we had alot of trouble this game. We did get the key role of the setup lynched Day 1 for being Maeglin and ugly, but despite Tierce and mine's best efforts we failed to deadline lynch sirdanilot, leading to him becoming near-comf town when the Weak Doctor suicided on me that night. The entire game was a comedy of errors for us, with mislynch after mislynched snatched by role interactions and our rolecop JacobSavage failing to mention the second Tracker he copped before being lynched. Said Tracker ended up catching Tierce that Night, and PoE'd last scum Desperado easily. Have I mentioned not having daytalk is boring? At least my role was cool, and a change of targets would have near-guarenteed us a confirmed town read and a win. Bah!

A uPick of Ice & Fire

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Eddard Stark Town Melisandre, Vig-Neighbourish Started Killed Night 10 Mafia Win
A game I actually remember! This game was realluy fun b/c I neighbourized a Natarisha/MafiaSSK hydra early and we spent the game talkin' bout how boys sux, also we lynched quadz b4 we could shoot him in the face b/c he was so scummy! Also Tierce and Tammy failed to be killed by Empire like five hundred times and scum team was literally crying. Then town decided they were being too hard on scum and Nachomamma8 gladiatored obvtown, followed by two fake-guilties in a row, by town on town. The second of which broke my partytown QT. Died eventually of a broken heart which finally convinced Nacho to lynch obvscum Empire/Llamarble, but too late to stop scum from actually winning due to Benmage's terrible choice of vengekill. Mina made a very good thread based on this game's events, and no one ever wants to play with Benmage again.

Mini 1489 - VisCon: Murder at Wingate Mansion

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme FakeGod Death Scum Neighbour Started Poisoned Day 2 Town Win
Poor Empire. Stuck in a neighbourhood with 3 scum, 2 of which fakeclaimed masons to us in the QT immediately. Desperado, also known as Death-chan, got superwagoned for being a lurksack, had no flavorclaim so picked a random month to fakeclaim, which turned out to be Ms Marangal's rolename. Then Ms Marangal poisoned me for being too townie. Story of my life as scum, get investigated/targetted by all the things. Not sure whether my faction had lost or not, I didn't troll the town as much as they deserved to be trolled. IT WASN'T FAKE-RAGE, I WAS REALLY MAD ABOUT THIS GAME OKAY. GIVE SCUM FLAVORCLAIMS FOR YOUR MOD-INVENTED THEMES.

/in-vitational 12: Mafia in #YOLOville

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Normal Faraday Town Vanilla Started Survived Somehow Town Win
You know, for a game with the mod I wanted and the playerlist I p much choose (though I tried putting my 300 points on one person they wouldn't let me), this sure was a stressful and hard game for me to play in. Everyone p much remembered me from ADWD and stared bullet holes in my direction until we lynched all the scum first. Tammy and I reaffirmed our FRIENDSHIP in this game! Deasvail still a qt even when he's scum and we have to put him down, sorry DV :<

The Wire, Season 1

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Faraday Town Goon Started Killed N1 PO-lice Win
I got killed Night 1.. somehow? @_@ Benmage wanted to kill someone weird so I guess he got his wish. People in the GY were surprised I was still reading this game! I learned that if Benmage is finally being pro-town and not throwing the game miserably, you should lynch him immediately.

Newbie 1265 - Tierce's Vantastic Party

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie Tierce Town Vanilla Replaced Day 1 Survived Town Win
Also replaced in because mod made cute puppy eyes at me. Don't remember exactly what happened but SIR CYANIDE fakeclaimed JK, confirming one of the three claimed PR's as scum, and I think there was a guilty on the other scum? Another easy game imo though I think I was flailing at the time, also got sick scum-read on absta in The Wire because of how townie he was in this game. HMM maybe that's why I died there.. Newbie Vans contain much tasty candeh!

Newbie 1261: The Buttonvan

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie TheButtonmen Town Vanilla Replaced Day 2 Survived Town Win
Replaced in becausse I was aksed so nicely, with an intro like "The wonderful amazing super nice Shadoweh replaces Supertard effectively immediately!" how could I not win a game? Was off at first but both scum got greedy and voted me together in 5p LYLO, failing because I Am Awesome(tm), leading to confirmed scum citysnake the next day making hilarious cases about how I'm obvscum for being a witch. Newbie games are refreshingly simple and fun to meet new players in actually.


Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Gorrad Town Vanilla Started Survived Town Win
Played as sunshine and rainbows, a hydra with Working Manju. Oh man lemme tell you about Homestuck. Kanaya is the best patron troll and also has a sexy lipstick chainsaw and is a day vampire, how much better can you get! Oh, a mafia game happened too I guess. Working Manju did most of the work, game was honestly p easy and we trolled until scum victory, poor Gamzee never had a chance against us. honk HONK this clown boy. Most fun game ever imo.

Mini 1376 - Mafia by the River

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Normal Tierce Town Vanilla Started Survived Town Win
I don't remember much about this game tbh other then that Deasvail is adorable and mykonian is the Evil Popcorn King. Did I mention I hate people who try to make lists of who should claim in what order? They're scum, it's true. I drew a gr8 picture of myko's avatar and got him lynched, then scumread a bunch of scum and we lynchemd them, THE END. You know, I play in and enjoy theme games more, but I seem to play better in more normal games.

A Dance with Dragons

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Eddard Stark Stannis Scum Voyeur Started Survived Somehow Stannis Win
Played as Pandora, a hydra with Quilford. (He flaked like Day 1 so really it was ALL ME.) I WON A SCUM GAME! \o/ Boy was I nervous. And sleepy. So sleepy. I apparently made lots of posts in this game that I don't remember! Also we shot lots of PR's while the other team shot all the obvtown that suspected me, we had a very good understanding. I got alot of town-cred for accidentally revealing our secret hydra pre-game, which I thought was hilarious! Melisandre, ahn~

Micro 31 - Micro Madness! II

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro OhGodMyLife Town Vanilla Clown Replaced Day 1 Endgamed Mafia Win
Wow, it sure was nice to play a game with A BUNCH OF STRANGE PEOPLE I HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE! Man, that Working Manju. That bird is JUST A HUGE JERK. Like the hypno-toad. He just like, starts speaking and its like, yes i know it seems like you're obvscum but boy do I have the urge to vote this other person! Also thdgkdms is not actually a nonsense name. I know, I was shocked too.

Otherworld Mafia - Aia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Cyoeraeth Mafia Goon Replaced Day 2 Lynched Day 2 Town Win
"Come join this great game, Shadoweh! Everyone is having a blast, Shadoweh! Look at how well Town is doing!" I replaced in, looked at the wagon on my partner, posted like once and tried to fake some rage, Vi called me obvscum and I was immediately lynched. At least that's how I remember it happening. Also Vi was a six-headed shadowy wolf that breathed fire, I'm p sure, yup. At this point I began to despair that I couldn't play on Mafiascum because I sucked as scum too badly.

Lovers Mafia: The Heterosexual Revolution

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme StrangerCoug Town Lover Started Committed Suicide Day 7 Town Win
loljoiningtheheterosexualrevolution. This game was literally impossible for Town to lose. But boy did we try, pushing it to the endgame with me attached to a lecherous scum monster. Tammy was obvscum and we lynched her Day 1, so at least some good was gotten out of this game?

Experimental Role Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme TWIN SWORDS OF DESTINY Town Mimic Replaced Day 1 Survived Town Win
Despite my game history being brutally demolished by tigers, I managed to convince the mods to let me replace into a super neat Town role which I proceeded to misuse in various ways. Copying someone who did nothing who proceeded to fake a guilty, copying the Vigilante then shooting the same person the next night, and finally copying the Town Bodyguard when he was roleblocked, which could have gotten us both lynched disasterously. Instead 2/3 yellow scumteam got powerowned, and after Tierce-redscum outted herself to reveal the last yellow, we mercilessly killed all her buddies in revenge for BETRAYAL. I drew a really great picture and made friends with Tammy!! Bards still sux tho.

Open 403 - Donner Party

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Open Tierce Third-party Cannibal Serial Killer Started Survived Mafia/Serial Killer Win
It turns out that if you take away the ability to see flips, Town gets very demotivated and you don't have to try very hard not to get lynched! Glork was very scummy, and also delicious with the blueberry sauce, although Tierce suggested raspberry instead. I am a Very Serious Mafier Player. Everyone tried to kill me the Night before LYLO, then Phillammon faked an impossible result on me. When this was pointed out, he voted the townie as an offer of compromise and I, in an act of TRUE MAFIA SKILL, quickhammered thinking he might have been town. I didn't get to devour them all. ._.

Good vs Evil, Law vs Chaos

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Seacore Lawful Evil Scum Commoner Started Lynched Day 2 Town Win
Weird fact, most mentioned game on wiki by other people, mostly on how they lynched me for being obvscum. I don't even remember this game well. I do remember the march of scum partners constantly replacing out, fakeclaiming the wrong alignment's doctor, and getting mislynched over my obvscum partner BBMolla. I am v good at Heel-falling for my buds apparently even if it does them no good. Do not join games with 2 towns, you will be scum and also get lynched by double PR's. BARDS SUCK.

Weather Mafia II

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Glork Town Organic Town Villager Replaced Day 1 Lynched Day 6 Town Win
This was a really weird game. I learned I don't like replacing into 40 page Day 1's and I hate ~*~Townie Voting Blocks~*~ TBH I don't think Town should have won this, scum kills kept failing because their kill only worked on one of Organic/Machine and scum weren't informed of this, so double scumkills failed in endgame until they got PoE'd by said townblock. Also despite both scum claiming bulletproof and DGB claiming THE DARKNESS in a game where everyone is a robot or a fleshy thing, I managed to get mislynched first. At least I died screaming. My only mislynch as Town in three years!

Mafia with the Kitties

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Vi Nyan Nyan Nyan Started Endgamed Mafia Win
IDC if it technically wasn't a mafiascum game, I was invited by MSers and it made me feel SO COOL. Although I don't.. really.. remeber what happened here other then arguing about Nobody Special's "I won't self-hammer as town" trust-tell which we eventually agreed to test, but CES-Scum convinced Tierce-Town to quickhammer him together because SCREW TRUST TELLS so I guess he confirmed himself as town after all. Then I got to claim that I couldn't read my role pm! (I considered just copy/pasting my Nyan Nyan role pm here but I actually like talking about this game :C)

The Vanillaside

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Normal Quilford Town Tracker Started Killed N4 Mafia Win
A game that actually happened. Claimed VT in first post, scum team shot a VT thinking they had to be Tracker, outted zMuffinMan Redirector scum, town lost because scum rolecopped, killed and redirected Town Cop to the flip-vanillaizing IC and living townies had no idea what was going on. Tierce loves it when you ask her about this game, especially playing as her FAVORITE role.

Newbie 1180

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie Quilford Town Vanilla Started Killed N3 Mafia Win
My #1 super Newbie Game! It happened, I swear. D: Remembering when I was NK'd is guesswork, the only thing I really remember is my reads were da bomb, I quickvoted scum Lord Mhork in LYLO and got him lynched, then townies fought it out and let DarthYoshi win after brutally drowning me in Bacardi. Spent at least last day of game drunbk. Was v good intro 2 mofiascum!

Also Some Survivor Games Happened I Guess

Arkham City

Type Moderators Size Identity Tribes Fate
Anon xofelf, Nicholas1024, CuddlyCaucasian 24 Poison Ivy Holding Cell A, Museum, Overgrown Hotel, Riddler's Lair, Tribe A 12th Place; Pre-Jury

skip a few games

Three Houses

Type Moderators Size Identity Tribes Fate
Anon Cephrir, BiPolarChemist, CaptainMeme 24 Edelgard von Hresvelg Black Eagles, Leicester Alliance, Flame Emperor's Army, Fodlan Ablaze DA WINNER BAYBEE
Her Imperial Majesty and only legitimate route of FE:3h Edelgard von Hresvelg rightful ruler of Fódlan and crusher of tiny baby Dmirtri also Shadel is canon

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lynch all vig ~ Tn5421 (talk) 02:59, 18 June 2014 (EDT)

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hi i heard shadoweh is the cutest cutie ever ~ CaptainMeme