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  • Name: Gorrad
  • AIM: Gorradthegoblin
  • Hobbies: Playing games (WoW), reading comics, being an all-around nerd

Game History

New York

  • Ork Mafia: In progress. Killed N1- Godfather.

Little Italy

  • The Siena Syndicate: Won as scum. Way too many replacements.

Coney Island

  • Guitar Hero Mafia: In Progress. Day 1, I'm alive.

Theme Park

  • Assassins in the Palace: Lost as scum. Very disorienting game, we got one of the two kings.
  • Weasel Mafia: In Progress. Day 1, I'm alive.
  • Food Fight Mafia: In Progress. Day 2, I'm alive.

Road to Rome

  • Newbie 343: Won as town. Replaced in about halfway, was NKd Night 2 after claiming doc.
  • Newbie 396: Won as scum. Managed to shift attention to all the wrong people thanks to confusion and hamsters. No scum lynches.
  • Newbie 379: Lost as town. I came in, inspected someone as cop, and by the time I next checked on the game I was NKd.