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Telephone Pictionary: Lots of Emotions/Chain H

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Chain H: Aronis's chain

Aronis - Phrase

Once again Darth Vader saves the galaxy in style!

StaplerTowel - Picture


McMenno - Phrase

The moon was so distracted by Darth Vader killing the aliens with a katana, that the earth captured it with a bubble.

ForWhomTheJellyRolls - Picture


Save The Dragons - Phrase

Earth's alert moon summoned a stream of water to fight Darth Vader, who had hijacked a flying saucer.

Felissan - Picture


GuyInFreezer - Phrase

Ok, who put a portal from Niagara Falls to Darth Vader?

Flameaxe - Picture


PiggyGal15 - Phrase

Darth Vader breathes blue fumes into the orange portal, which of course come out of the blue portal, and it continues on over a wall.

Jopalopa - Picture


Shadoweh - Phrase

Darth Vader uses portal technology to get his heavy breathing over The Wall.

xofelf - Picture


Equinox - Phrase

Before crossing the portal across a river of electric charge, Aronis blew into it to test its safety.

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