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Telephone Pictionary: Draw Me Like...

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Telephone Pictionary: Draw Me Like... was a Mish Mash game run from November 2012 to early December, hosted by Xalxe. It featured a plethora of leniency on deadlines because Xalxe is far too nice to his players. It also featured Telephone Cat mutating into a Koopa...somehow. Science is investigating.

On the plus side, Telephone Koopa got a time-traveling telephone booth. On the downside, it was the wrong color and only went forward in time.

What is Telephone Pictionary?

It's sort of like EPYC, but presumably with less poop-eating.

The Player List

The Chains

A. Ether's Chain
B. DrippingGoofball's Chain
C. RedPanda's Chain
D. xtopherusD's Chain
E. Fujiko's Chain
F. StrangerCoug's Chain
G. sword_of_omens' Chain
H. Amrun's Chain
I. Om of the Nom's Chain
J. Cheery Dog's Chain
K. Ellibereth's Chain
L. drmyshotgun's Chain
M. PiggyGal15's Chain
N. Brandi's Chain
O. shaft.ed's Chain
P. Empking's Chain
Q. Tierce's Chain
R. RedCoyote's Chain
S. Robotnick2's Chain
T. petroleumjelly's Chain