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Occasionally right, will sheep someone right the rest of the time.

Ellitell (2012): People who are active in all games save one are scum in said game.

Ellitell 2 (2017): Hard Data and Meta are justice.

I mostly played from 2009-2012. I came back for a bit late 2017. These are my solo (includes alts, but not hydrae) games post-return. The omission of hydra games in the name of a visually more attractive record is entirely intentional.

17 Kilos of Cocaine, Town, Win

The Fourth Fortnight, Scum, Win

Nano-Multiball (as Elliberetta), Scum, Win

Beneath the Mask, Town, Win

Maplewood Village (Bastard), Survivor, Win

The Literature Club (Bastard), Town, Loss

Dragon Hunters, Town, Win

Surreptitious II: Secrets and Misdirection (partially as Elliberetta), Town, Win

The Deathworlders, Scum, Loss

Valentine's Dance, Town, Win

Jester Nightless, Jester, Win

Lone Wolf (as LakeoftheWoods and Rodin), Scum, Win