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Telephone Pictionary: Chain Dance/Chain D

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Chain D: Who's Chain

Who - Phrase

Only when we break the tyranny of the landowners will we be free from the chains of dancing.

Vijarada - Picture

Tello D1.jpg

lalaladucks - Phrase

The man was just trying to jive to "Stayin' Alive" at the disco but two mobsters robbed him dead.

RadiantCowbells - Picture

Tello D2.png

xyzzy - Phrase

There were only three people in the disco tonight: two gunmen, and the corpse they'd just finished shooting.

xofelf - Picture

Tello D3.png

Katyusha - Phrase

Two men in black beanies - one of which is a cyclops - gun down a man on the disco floor.

Shaziro - Picture

Tello D4.png

Iprobablysuck - Phrase

The death of disco: A man and a cyclops invade the disco floor and mow down the last remaining fan of disco music with pistols

MaryJoLisa - Picture

Tello D5.jpg

DeathRowKitty - Phrase

In 2019, aliens enforce disco bans through vigilante justice.

McMenno - Picture

Tello D6.png

VashtaNeurotic - Phrase

Disco is dead and aliens have killed it. #2019

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