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Telephone Pictionary: Chain Dance/Chain E

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Chain E: Cheery Dog's Chain

Cheery Dog - Phrase

The daredevil mustache paid dearly for it's coincidental aftertaste.

DeathRowKitty - Picture

Tello E1.png

Iprobablysuck - Phrase

The most badass invisible daredevil ever jumps over a shark and knocks it's mustache into Hell

VashtaNeurotic - Picture

Tello E2.jpg

GuyInFreezer - Phrase

GentleShark successfully eats ET as it attempted to fly over the pit of fire with a flying bike.

CaptainMeme - Picture

Tello E3.png

xyzzy - Phrase

The cyclist's cool stunt came to a shocking end when the dapper behemoth arose from the lava to swallow him mid-jump.

Chickadee - Picture

Tello E4.jpeg

Vijarada - Phrase

A small man on a push bike does an epic jump into the mouth of a sentient ice cream scoop with strawberry syrup

Errantparabola - Picture

Tello E5.jpg

notachipmunk - Phrase

A giant anthropomorphic ice cream is about to devour some biker dude doing a cool aerial stunt.

Who - Picture

Tello E6.png

Katyusha - Phrase

Schadd leapt out of his bicycle to finally accomplish his one dream: to get mercilessly vored by a sentient ice cream cone.

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