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Survivor: Blowing Rock

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Survivor: Blowing Rock
Year: 2016
ORG/LSG Format: Meet-up
Type: Non-Anonymous
Players: 16
Moderator(s): xRECKONERx, Grimmjow, Flameaxe, DeathNote, BipolarChemist
LSG List Mod: N/A
Winner(s): OhGodMyLife
Runner-Up(s): MattP, pirate mollie


Survivor: Blowing Rock was a 16 player **real life** Survivor game run by xRECKONERx and Grimmjow. It ran from June 9th through June 13th, 2016.

This game was the first ever "SurvivorMeet", an IRL meetup of players from the site. Upon arriving at a cabin in Blowing Rock, NC (located in the NC mountains), players completed a White Elephant-style gift swap where the gifts were various colored bandannas to determine starting tribes. In order to expedite the game, the first round, the losing two tribes went to a joint Tribal Council together. In the next rounds, the two losing teams went to Tribal Council separately. At Final 13, there was an individual challenge called the 1-2-3 game, taken from the Korean game show The Genius. Due to the nature of this game, one person was left out and exiled. Upon the next Tribal Council, they rejoined the game as a replacement member for that tribe.

The only rewards/items in the game were three idols. One of them was given to OhGodMyLife for completing a challenge while in exile. One of them was hidden behind a trap door in the basement of the house, found by DeathNote. The final idol was hidden in a decorative clay pot in the dining room, which was found by Shadoweh and eventually passed off to MattP. At Final 6, all three idols were played simultaneously, leading to a memorable Tribal Council.

At the conclusion of FTC, OhGodMyLife managed to defeat MattP and pirate mollie in a 4-2-1 vote. The jury attempted to get pirate mollie to show where she had been strategic, but mollie stood by her claims that she just floated by all game. Meanwhile, most of the jury felt like MattP played too cutthroat and didn't attempt to play a social game with most of them. In the end, people respected OhGodMyLife's impressive underdog story and immunity wins, giving him the victory.


Player First Tribe Second Tribe Merge Finish
xofelf Orange 16th place
Untrod Tripod Yellow 15th place
CuddlyCaucasian Orange 14th place
Blackberry Green Pink 13th place
Xalxe Yellow Turqoise 12th place
InflatablePie Purple Turqoise 11th place
Axxle Orange Turqoise Merge 10th place
BROseidon Yellow Turqoise Merge 9th place
Shadoweh Purple Pink Merge 8th place
Gammagooey Orange Turqoise Merge 7th place
Flameaxe Green Pink Merge 6th place
BipolarChemist Green Turqoise Merge 5th place
DeathNote Green Pink Merge 4th place
pirate mollie Purple Pink Merge 3rd place
MattP Purple Pink Merge 2nd place
OhGodMyLife Yellow Pink Merge 1st place

Voting History

Survivor: Blowing Rock Voting History
First Tribes Second Tribes
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5
Eliminated: xofelf Untrod Tripod CuddlyCaucasian Blackberry Xalxe InflatablePie
Vote: 3-3-2 4-2 3-1 2-1 4-2 3-3 4-0 3-1-1
OhGodMyLife Untrod Tripod EXILED
MattP Shadoweh Shadoweh Blackberry
pirate mollie xofelf xofelf Blackberry
DeathNote Shadoweh
BipolarChemist InflatablePie Xalxe InflatablePie
Flameaxe Blackberry
Gammagooey xofelf xofelf CuddlyCaucasian Xalxe Xalxe BipolarChemist
Shadoweh Gammagooey None Blackberry
BROseidon Untrod Tripod InflatablePie Xalxe InflatablePie
Axxle Shadoweh xofelf CC Xalxe Xalxe InflatablePie
InflatablePie xofelf xofelf Xalxe None BROseidon
Xalxe Untrod Tripod InflatablePie None
Blackberry Shadoweh
CuddlyCaucasian Shadoweh Shadoweh Gammagooey
Untrod Tripod Xalxe
xofelf Gammagooey None

Survivor: Blowing Rock Voting History
Merge Tribe
Episode #: 6 7 8 9 10 11 Finale FTC
Eliminated: Axxle BROseidon Shadoweh Gammagooey Flameaxe BipolarChemist DeathNote pirate mollie MattP OhGodMyLife
Votes: 5-2-2-1 6-2-1 6-1-1 4-3 5*-1 3-2 2-2 1-1 None 1 to win 2 to win 4 to win
OhGodMyLife Axxle Flameaxe Shadoweh BipolarChemist Flameaxe BipolarChemist MattP MattP SOLE SURVIVOR
MattP Axxle BROseidon OhGodMyLife Gammagooey OhGodMyLife BipolarChemist DeathNote None WIN 2ND PLACE
pirate mollie Axxle BROseidon Shadoweh BipolarChemist OhGodMyLife BipolarChemist DeathNote DeathNote 3RD PLACE
DeathNote Shadoweh BROseidon Shadoweh Gammagooey OhGodMyLife pirate mollie MattP None LOSE MattP
BipolarChemist Axxle BROseidon Shadoweh Gammagooey OhGodMyLife pirate mollie pirate mollie
Flameaxe Axxle BROseidon Shadoweh Gammagooey OhGodMyLife MattP
Gammagooey pirate mollie Shadoweh Shadoweh BipolarChemist OhGodMyLife
Shadoweh Gammagooey BROseidon pirate mollie OhGodMyLife
BROseidon Axxle Flameaxe OhGodMyLife
Axxle pirate mollie OhGodMyLife