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Innocent (abbreviated "inno") is a generalized name for a nonincriminating result on a player. It is Normal for all Cop innocent results to mean Town with no exception.

False negatives of a Cop result are explicitly not-Normal, but may be encountered in setups not guaranteed for Normalcy. Some kind of false information may even be prevalent in games flagged to be Bastard. The Godfather, a formally common role, is a Head of a Mafia family that returns innocent from investigations. As a result, it, and roles like it are not Normal.

It should be noted that a false negative of a Tracker result can be Normal if circumvented by a Ninja.


A catch-all category that refers to a report that is as innocent as the recipient can receive.

Example1: a Tracker can be told their target visited nobody, which is a Pseudo-innocent.

Example2: a Thief may get string from a Vanilla Townie, symbolising rope.

Example3: a Psychologist receives Negative or Positive instead of Innocent or Guilty.