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A Gambit is any action made to achieve some kind of advantage, usually requiring some degree of risk.

A gambit is a gamble, isn't it? Something harmful/risky to one's agenda which hopefully pays off?

A gambit can be something as simple as the Doctor saying "The doctor should protect so-and-so tonight." to a full-blown WIFOM designed to mislead, incriminate, corroborate, or otherwise change the game; the trick is not getting caught doing it. A high-risk, high-reward move, in other words. When in most cases, the move is one where the reward does not seem worth the risk, it is a King's Gambit.


"Okay, I'm a Tracker, and I tracked you, and you targetted the man that died last night. You should Claim immediately."

"I'm a Vigilante, I swear. I thought he was Scum."

"Well, I was just gambiting, I'm not tracker, I'm a Cop with a guilty result on you. Thanks for claiming the kill, though."

--Textbook Scenario of Kokusho's Gambit