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EPYC 2: Chains of Glory/Chain 26

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Chain 26: SaintKerrigan's Chain

13. SaintKerrigan - Phrase

"Ah, but these are special snowmobiles, made specifically for running in the desert."

14. Robocopter87 - Picture

26 1.png

28. Porochaz - Phrase

"A man lost in the desert proudly points out his snowmobile to a stranger."

30. Jahudo - Picture

26 2.jpg

2. TonyMontana - Phrase

"Guy mocks a snake for bringing a snowmobile to the desert."

6. Zorblag - Picture

26 3.jpg

39. Mina - Phrase

"In the middle of the desert, a man taunts a snake trying to run him over with a Ski-Doo."

29. StrangerCoug - Picture

26 4.png

32. Korts - Phrase

"Don't taunt the desert snake or you'll get run over by a sled."

10. swankidelic - Picture

26 5.jpg

26. TheBadOne - Phrase

"Guards who stick out their tongue to snakes get attacked by sleds with roses on it."

11. saporovirus - Picture

26 6.png

23. ooba - Phrase

"A bed of roses? YOU try standing still when someone shouts 'Snakes in the Palace!"

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