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EPYC 2: Chains of Glory/Chain 16

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Chain 16: Faraday's Chain

37. Faraday - Phrase

"The red goat stared at me as I buried his wife."

22. inHimshallibe - Picture


15. SpyreX - Phrase

"Devil goat hires an assistant to cover up the murder."

8. Papa Zito - Picture


7. Antihero - Phrase

"The devil helped the murdurer bury his latest victim."

32. Korts - Picture


35. Nikanor - Phrase

"A hobo stabbed me while the devil dug my grave."

36. Mist7676 - Picture


9. Equinox - Phrase

"When the heist at a restaurant went wrong, the two were greeted by ReaperCharlie in the afterlife."

10. swankidelic - Picture


33. Chevre - Phrase

"The burglars weren't allowed in heaven because they robbed a McDonalds."

6. AntB - Picture


25. Shanba - Phrase

"The burglar shrugged at the McDonalds angel on a cloud with golden lines."

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