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EPYC 2: Chains of Glory/Chain 15

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Chain 15: mith's Chain

23. mith - Phrase

"The caffeinated imps work to immanentize the eschaton."

32. Korts - Picture


30. Jahudo - Phrase

"Zorblag hammered TheButtonmen at LYLO, but lost to Starbuck."

39. Mina - Picture


17. Umbrage - Phrase

"The devil creates tools and defeats the angel."

18. populartajo - Picture


20. RedCoyote - Phrase

"The angel's death comes by the tools of the Devil himself."

24. Zang - Picture


29. StrangerCoug - Phrase

"The devil with a bloody hammer is glad to see another angel falling."

40. Moospiker - Picture


15. SpyreX - Phrase

"Angelkiller Hammer brings joy to one and all!"

28. Porochaz - Picture


19. KaleiÐoscøpe - Phrase

"Town wins and celebrates after the successful hammer of the beloved angel."

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