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About Me

I joined MafiaScum on September 22, 2015. Before that, I played some forum mafia on other sites. I try to be in only a few games at a time since I'm bad at managing multiple games simultaneously. This page is here as a way for me to document my games and also so people can meta me if they want to. I've really come to enjoy being on this site; there's a lot of variety in the mafia games and the community is great ^.^

I like being town and scum about equally, though I hate being lonescum (traitor or any similar role).

Note: My activity is not alignment indicative and should not be regarded as such.


Win as Town: 4

Loss as Town: 3

Total: 7

Win Rate: 57%

Win as Mafia: 1

Loss as Mafia: 1

Total: 2

Win Rate: 50%

Mislynched: 1

Lynched: 1

Nightkilled by Mafia: 3

Killed (misc): 1

Survived: 2

Endgamed: 0

Replaced out: 2*

Ongoing Games

Mini 1918: Paint Mafia Threequel - Modded by Cheetory6. Game status: D5. Player status: alive.

Favorite People

First of all, everyone in my very first game onsite gets a special mention: BL0ODKING, itlepip, Kaito Kirishima, Accountant (replaced Sneakyleaf), PhantomCobalt, Performer (replaced Aeronaut), and IC Thor665 [removing Nobody Special (replaced hi im Yakko) from this list because of that...incident.] Really enjoyed playing with you guys, and special thanks to Zar for modding that game--the flavor was awesome ^.^

Plotinus: an incredibly interesting person and a wonderful mod. Hope we can hydra together soon!

RadiantCowbells: an amazing mafia player and fellow math nerd, and overall just a really cool person to talk to

Errantparabola: great mafia player and writer, owner of an awesome singing voice and taste in music, giver of good advice and encouragement

Dewy: we know each other irl and yeah, Dewy's pretty great.

More to come.